Bindu & Ambi Subramaniam

3 ways in which you can gift the joy of music

Here are ways we recommend that you share music with others this Deepavali

26 Oct 2021

Indian musical instruments you should know about

With Deepavali coming up, and the Dasara season still in our rearview mirrors, festive music continues to be a major part of our day.

19 Oct 2021

Why we should sing in multiple languages

We’ve often been asked what language young children should sing in when they are introduced to music. 

06 Oct 2021

Building a virtual community through songwriting 

But is liking music enough to be a creator? 

28 Sep 2021

Pitch perfect

Here are five ways you can optimise your Spotify presence as an artiste

21 Sep 2021

Cover story

Thinking of doing a cover song?Here are some top tips

31 Aug 2021

Bollywood and Beyond

That most commercial music in India stems from Bollywood is a fact.

17 Aug 2021

Five ways in which pandemic has shaped new music trends

Over the last year and a half, the music industry has seen dramatic changes (much like every other sphere of life).

10 Aug 2021

Music and Spirituality

From Mirabai to Johann Sebastian Bach, many musicians/composers/poets wrote music as their own worship, or to be played during worship by others. 

03 Aug 2021

Why ‘Sa’ is not equal C  

Here’s a list of five things every Indian musician should know about western music. 

27 Jul 2021

Tracking traction

People often ask what the best way to release a song is.

20 Jul 2021

Studying with musical notes

If you are listening to your favourite songs, those might actually distract you, because you’ll follow along with the music.

06 Jul 2021

The importance of lullabies

Lullabies exist in almost every language, and for most of us, lullabies provide a backdrop to our childhoods.

22 Jun 2021

Clubhouse for musicians

If you’re a musician (and even if you aren’t) Clubhouse seems to the new social media app to check out.

15 Jun 2021

Here’s the secret to writing one great song

Different artistes swear by different methods, but many great songwriters can write in multiple ways.

08 Jun 2021