Bindu Gopal Rao

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Celebrity dressmaker Sushama Pagare sheds light on what it's like to doll them up

Sushama Pagare, a Mumbai-based designer whose creations have been sported by Jennifer Lopez and a host of Hollywood hotties. She has quietly been making international inroads in the last two decades.

15 Feb 2020

INTERVIEW | We all go through the same emotions, says Papa CJ

The international stand-up comedian opens up about his life from Kolkata to Oxford in his memoir Naked

08 Feb 2020

Creating their brave new world

Thai-Indian artist Amonwan Mirpuri’s work is inspired by the dark pain of traumatised women, having experienced such pain herself. She hopes it will start a global conversation on the subject.

08 Feb 2020

Takeover of tart: Sour desserts are the new 'it'

A sour taste in your desserts may feel alien but it is the trend that is changing the traditional notions of sweets

01 Feb 2020

Museum of living textiles: A haven for handloom

The Museum of Living Textiles is Bengaluru’s latest addition to its vibrant art and culture space and showcases heritage saris and fabrics.

18 Jan 2020