Bindu Subramaniam

On the ‘rights’ side

We know that when we watch an ad before a film song, a certain amount goes to the platform.

23 Jul 2020

Let the kids learn

A few weeks ago, the Karnataka state government banned online education (both live and recorded classes) for children in grade 5 and below.

25 Jun 2020

The new  dynamics of learning online

This academic year, “going to school” took on a new meaning.

11 Jun 2020

Welcome to the new school year

We are getting closer to ‘reopening’ schools in June; some of them have opened already. And there’s a lot to think about.

28 May 2020

A thank you note to our teachers

This rings especially true in the landscape of education. Schools and universities have shifted all classes online, and no one can estimate how long this will last.

13 May 2020

Embracing the new normal

As we readjust ourselves to three more weeks of staying indoors, we have some burning questions.

23 Apr 2020

Isolation, unplugged

Among those of us locked in, there are roughly three groups of people.

02 Apr 2020

For the sake of Social Distancing, Self Care

The world has more warmth and empathy than we expected, and that is a wonderful thing to realise.

19 Mar 2020

A foolproof guide to innovating without disrupting

Search for the words “innovation” and “disruption” together and you will find pages and pages of articles explaining why you can’t find one without the other.

05 Mar 2020

It’s exam time, turn the volume up

Music is exercise for your brain: It’s not just about the upcoming exam, it’s about keeping your mind healthy for life.

20 Feb 2020

Parenting lessons from cats

I consider myself a well-adjusted parent with reasonable expectations. All I want is for my child to win a Nobel Prize at 10 and cite me as the reason she even won.

30 Jan 2020

The benefits of learning music

Two weeks into 2020, we are still riding the ‘new year, new me’ high. Gyms are still full, books are still being read, and screens are still going off at a reasonable hour.

16 Jan 2020

It’s a new decade, think ‘smart’

If you are anti-resolutions, I feel your pain. But I found a simple solution – the second R they left out of SMART.

30 Dec 2019

Perfection is for practice, stage for fun 

 I don’t say this nearly enough – I’m grateful to work closely with kids and young adults.

28 Nov 2019

Choose a career (or three) that you love

The point is, I do what I love and I never once thought about having to choose between law and music.

13 Nov 2019