Biswajit Dhar

Analysing India’s recent trade performance

While the big picture looks promising, one has to drill a bit deeper to understand how much the increase in exports would translate into meaningful job creation

16 Jul 2021

What do the GDP numbers mean for our economy?

Policy measures like the PLI Scheme can go a long way in improving supply side constraints, but these may not be enough if the demand side continues to remain sluggish

18 Jun 2021

Covid & the greed of Big Pharma, developed nations

Six months after India and South Africa tabled a proposal in the WTO seeking a temporary waiver over IPRs during the pandemic, no substantial discussion has taken place

16 Apr 2021

Will the first woman WTO chief be a change agent?

The new director-general has ignited hopes of addressing inequities in the global trading system, but her tacit support for the US agenda may put off developing countries.

03 Mar 2021

Will Biden's US cease to be a disrupter of global processes?

America’s global economic engagements had also changed beyond recognition.

10 Nov 2020

Why CEA’s views on stimulus are at variance with reality

The most recent of the numbers show that the production in eight core sectors—coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertilisers, steel, cement and electricity—declined by 15% in June 2020.

04 Aug 2020

COVID-19: What is the future of globalisation?

The ongoing disruptions are reminiscent of the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s, after which most economies turned protectionist.

11 Jun 2020

Corona and the changes in economic governance

The Covid-19 pandemic is fast changing this trend towards a small government, with advanced countries leading the way.

13 May 2020