Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya

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Knowing the real and unreal

The Acharya now points out the process of contemplation towards self-realisation  step by step, uncovering layer after layer, until the core is reached.

20 Mar 2020

What binds the human mind

The seed of the tree of change and transformation called Samsara is dullness and ignorance of the true self.

14 Mar 2020

When dullness strikes

Just as the shadow of the moon catches hold of the image of the sun during an eclipse, the inert mind completely covers the truth which has no parts and is eternal.

08 Mar 2020

Nature of the supreme self

This consciousness alone sees everything yet none can see it.

08 Feb 2020

What is Vishuddha Sattva

Vishuddha means extremely pure. That is the ultimate quality which can manifest and it is called Vishuddha Sattva.

26 Jan 2020

Reflection of pure consciousness

The Sattva Guna and the dynamic movement of the mind in Rajas have been explained by Sri Adi Sankaracharya.

04 Jan 2020

The state of immortality

The body is a result of the mixing of five elements in a mathematical formula called quintuplication or Pancheekaranam.

16 Nov 2019

Sense objects are destructive

In the Vivekachoodamani, the master goes directly to the problem of human beings who are bound by the sense objects.

02 Nov 2019

Layers of what we call ourself

The teacher points out that the self has to be realised with effort put in by one’s own self. On this account, he congratulates the student for asking the question about bondage and liberation.

26 Oct 2019

How to not delude the intellect

If what I wish is realisation of the Self, which alone is true freedom, then Sri Adi Sankara’s advice is to shun all kinds of discourses, dialogues and arguments on the Self.

13 Oct 2019

Free the mind of all impurities

When the individual becomes free of mental disturbances, then the mind shines bright like gold.

29 Jun 2019

Nature responds to a just king’s rule and yields its best

During Yudhishtira’s rule, the rains poured that much of water which was needed, cows yielded rich milk, the oceans, rivers, mountains and earth yielded all their wealth.

12 May 2018

An empowered ambika vanquishes the Asuras

An emissary was sent to talk to the Devi and convince her to come into the possession of Shumbha and Nishumbha.

21 Apr 2018

Avidya finally leads to samsara

Having realised our existence of the living now, it is important to take the necessary decisions to step out of the wheel and watch the fun rather than being caught in it and spinning forever.

21 Apr 2018