Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya

The realised being

In the same way, the extremely active mind running into the world of objects gets completely arrested in the presence of the Brahman.

29 May 2021

The knowledge sutra

Nivritti is to be free from action. In the dream we may be chasing a lion or the lion may be chasing us and we will be struggling to run.

08 May 2021

Tasting the joy of the self

As a result of withdrawal from multitudinous actions, the individual experiences the presence of the Self alone, which is of the very nature of bliss.

01 May 2021

Let the body be where it belongs

The wise man does not give too much importance to the body which has as much a reality and commands as much respect as a shadow.

24 Apr 2021

How a steady mind feels

All this is experienced as a feeling in the heart centre when the person is engulfed in meditation on that complete Brahman in the state of Samadhi.

17 Apr 2021

Was there ever a world?

In this experience, there is neither original creation of the universe nor man-made creations.

10 Apr 2021

The experience of liberation

On knowing what is the Self, be there established in it and give up all other notions of identification with the body, mind, intellect, doer or enjoyer.

12 Mar 2021

Serving the supreme self

When the seeker identifies with the body, energy, mind, intellect or other limiting adjuncts, he acquires that state always.

20 Feb 2021

The result of realisation

The difference between what is the Self and what is not, happens due to the conditioning of the body, mind and intellect.

06 Feb 2021

The end of delusion

In the same way, the modifications of nature which include our individuality are impermanent.

30 Jan 2021

How fear causes delusion

When the contemplation on objects of the world is stopped, the mind becomes completely available in the present moment.

09 Jan 2021

Experience oneness to beat fear

The Yajur Veda declares for the one who sees even a little bit of difference experiences fear.

02 Jan 2021

Dangers of laxity for the seeker

The path of downfall is instant for the one whose eyes are taken away from the goal even a bit.

18 Dec 2020

Give up involvement with action

This harsh line of duality is the cause that keeps us bound to this wheel of change from birth to death and back to birth endlessly.

04 Dec 2020

Free the mind of all impurities

When the individual becomes free of mental disturbances, then the mind shines bright like gold.

29 Jun 2019