Burak Akcapar

Turkey’s Iron Silk Railroad is Redefining Asia, Europe

Trains have changed history and are set to shape the future, particularly in Asia. The story of the railroad began with the Liverpool-Manchester steam-powered train in September 1830, which was only 5

04 Nov 2017

Regression in world affairs: humanity must work harder

We are living in the age of protracted economic austerity where phenomenal growth stories and euphoric forecasts are no longer there.

01 Oct 2017

Helping humanity: Why Ayla should get an Oscar?

The soldier did try to take Ayla to Turkey, but his efforts fell victim to red tape as he was forced to entrust the girl to the care of an orphanage.

03 Sep 2017

Mediation and reforms can rid venezuela of oil curse

The news and pictures coming from Caracas reminded me of a former Venezuelan oil minister JPP Alfonso, who said, “We are drowning in the devil’s excrement.”

10 Aug 2017

Mediation must be the heart of our vision for peace

This week, I chaired the Istanbul Mediation Conference of some 150 mediation experts, including practitioners and scholars from around the world.

02 Jul 2017

Climate-conscious economic transition is unstoppable

theory & practice burak Akçapar Turkish ambassador, scholar and author

03 Jun 2017

Belt and road a big initiative. Stay out of it at your peril

Peppercorns changed world history. In 1498, Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India, and later returned to Europe with peppercorn worth 10 times the initial investment.

07 May 2017

We can’t resolve conflicts, so let’s prevent them

I had promised myself not to write again about Syria. Then Syrian aircrafts attacked the city of Idlib with chemical weapons.

09 Apr 2017

The political centre needs to  redefine itself left and right

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a traumatic albeit ironic disease. In MS patients, the immune system attacks their own central nervous system damaging the brain and spinal cord. I recalled this when my wife told me about a bright Indian academic in the US.

11 Mar 2017

World is larger than five; join surge of diplomacy for peace

Glass half-full or half-empty? Tell me your answer and I tell you who you are. If you tell me that the glass is half-full, then that would qualify you as an optimist.

12 Feb 2017

We must help the Secretary General of the UN to succeed

The United Nations has a new Secretary-General. António Guterres is a familiar face to many disaffected people around the world.

08 Jan 2017

The west must set right the compass of political wisdom

As we approach 2017, the big losers of this year are the Syrians reeling under a brutal war, the humanity which could not mobilise against it, and the international order which is unable to stop the c

11 Dec 2016

Build Humanitarian-development Nexus to Alleviate Human Misery

Against this background, it is surprising that the 1st global summit on humanitarian issues will only be held this year.

28 May 2016

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