C Aryama Sundaram

Dowry laws: supreme court’s intervention is timely

The rampant misuse of anti-dowry laws has reached alarming levels. What was intended and ought to have been a most beneficial legislation, aimed at putting an end to this long-prevailing custom, has become a tool of extortion and blackmail

05 Aug 2017

Hindi signages stirring up a hornet’s nest

India is a country built out of diversity, whether in demographic profiles, languages, cultures, traditions, customs, physical features, religious beliefs or even behavioural characteristics.

08 Jul 2017

Nirbhaya case: new life for the death penalty

The applause over the death sentence pronounced for the Nirbhaya killing and the almost euphoric media and public reaction to it have cemented the continuance of the death sentence in India.

13 May 2017

Liquor ban-baby thrown out with bathwater

Drunken driving is a menace. It is a danger to every other user of the highway and a zero tolerance policy is essential.

16 Apr 2017

Governors—not just to be seen but heard too

The office of governor is considered to be purely ceremonial and inconsequential. A cushy after-retirement posting for an obedient and accommodating civil servant. Or a kick upstairs for a member of t

18 Mar 2017

The challenge of amma’s aatma

An often-asked question is as to who was the real hero in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar? And the answer is that it is the Ghost of Caesar. So let it be with Amma!

18 Feb 2017

Jallikattu: Are we missing the woods for the trees?

The frenzy created over the discontinuance of Jallikattu is both perplexing and troubling.

22 Jan 2017

Trouble in paradise: Fissures in the Collegium

The recent missive shot off by Justice Chelameswar to the Chief Justice, complaining about the functioning of the Supreme Court Collegium, sent waves of shock through the Bench, Bar and public. 

19 Sep 2016

Too Young to Retire, Too Old to Judge

The Supreme Court dismissed a PIL praying that Their Lordships direct raising the retirement age of judges.

12 Apr 2016