CP Balasubramanyam

Losing margin of at least 6 runners up less than nota

This was the case in Katpadi, Neyveli, Thenkasi, Modakkurichi, and Krishnagiri. Similarly, NOTA trumped at least four smaller parties.

04 May 2021

The curious case of Section 41

Activists question the non-stop re-promulgation of the provision of Chennai City Police Act to curb protests for over a century

26 Apr 2021

Tight lockdown norms keep residents of Chennai indoors

Waking up on Sunday, Chennai said, ‘I feel so deja-vu’ as it once again stared at the ‘not-to-do’ list handed
down by corporation authorities

26 Apr 2021

COVID-19: Is Tamil Nadu staring at another spell of reverse migration?

Scores of workers from northern States were on Monday seen waiting outside Chennai’s Central railway station with heaps of luggage.

20 Apr 2021

Karnan: A resistance to oppression

Tamil nadu , though continues to be a caste-ridden society that it is, has a tradition of celebrating and honouring the voices that critique the hierarchical social order at its best.

14 Apr 2021

Will the North TN’s changed allegiance continue or revert to old days?

The region has significant pockets of minority voters, especially Muslims, particularly in Ambur, Vaniyambadi and Krishnagiri.

06 Apr 2021

Assembly polls: Why is student politics almost non-existent in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has largely been lagging on creating student leaders. The reason? A widespread notion that campus politics affects academic performance.

05 Apr 2021

TN Polls: CPI ML Liberation seeks to replicate Bihar success

Unlike its Left counterparts in the State, the party has preferred to stay away from electoral alliances and has been projecting itself as an alternative to the Dravidian parties.

05 Apr 2021

Why isn’t the ‘Lotus’ blooming in Tamil Nadu?

A microscopic look at how the BJP has so far culturally and politically made an entry into the State and what it entails

01 Apr 2021

DMK’s Vetriazhagan to face his grandpa’s rival

Water-logging during floods remains a main issue in Villivakkam; residents say sitting MLA never frequented the constituency

30 Mar 2021

From cooking to crying, candidates go extra mile to bag votes

One of the songs he picked was Vetri Meethu Vetri Vanthu (victory upon victory), to denote the victory he says his party will achieve in the polls.

26 Mar 2021

TN elections: Why are only two transpersons set to contest polls?

Though there’s been progress, much is lacking

26 Mar 2021

Project polarisation renewed on social media

For instance, short clips of Dr Ezhilan Naganathan, who is contesting in Thousand Lights constituency against BJP’s Kushboo Sundar, has gone viral recently.

24 Mar 2021

Beneficiaries of Left movements not supporting us politically: G Ramakrishnan

Even as CPI(M) remains a dominant force in electoral politics in Kerala, the party’s unit in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu has hopes of replicating the same.

23 Mar 2021

Tamil Nadu polls: Manifestos full of empty promises for Dalits? It’s routine affair, say activists  

The parties did as expected. A detailed analysis shows there isn’t much offered to the Scheduled Classes and Tribes except for a few blanket announcements.  

20 Mar 2021