CP Venugopal

Electricity supply to Anganwadi centres cut over dues

Anganwadi centres in govt-owned buildings owe Rs 1.61 crore towards power bills in last two years; pregnant women and infants suffer

27 Nov 2022

Gender ratio at birth drops to 881 from 909 per 1,000 in erstwhile Anantapur district

It has been reported that the primary cause for the widening gap in the sex ratio at birth is due to female foeticide.

30 Oct 2022

Sex ratio at birth drops to 881 from 909 per 1,000 in erstwhile Anantapur

The widening gap in the sex ratio at birth has set off alarm bells in the erstwhile Anantapur district.

30 Oct 2022

One year on, 571 Covid semi-orphans in Anantapur yet to receive Rs 500 aid

Children below 18 years of age who lost one parent to Covid are eligible for the aid.

23 Oct 2022

Andhra Pradesh: Encroachments along Nadimi Vanka triggered flash floods

Anantapur district Collector S Naga Lakshmi took stock of the situation and attributed the inundation of colonies to the illegal encroachments on the Nadimi Lanka. 

14 Oct 2022

Child brides: Victims of poverty & illiteracy

Poverty, illiteracy and ignorance of law are forcing several girls in rural Anantapur to get married before turning 18.

04 Oct 2022

Anantapur govt hospital dispenses 1.92 crore painkillers in a year

It has been estimated that the usage of painkillers procured from private druggists would be higher than the government hospitals.

23 Aug 2022

Beyond caste, creed and religion: For Stanley Babu of Guntakal, I-Day, R-Day are the only festivals

A visitor will get immersed in patriotism after entering Stanley Babu’s house at Bhagyanagar in Guntakal. The photos of more than 60 freedom fighters hanging on the walls narrate the freedom struggle.

16 Aug 2022

Andhra Pradesh's Sri Krishnadevaraya University develops low-cost tech for cancer care

An innovative system developed by Sri Krishnadevaraya University’s Biotechnology Department has won patents from Australia, India, and Germany.

23 Jul 2022

Cultivation of millets more profitable than groundnut: AICRPDA

The research team had also proved that cultivation of millets is more profitable than groundnut in Anantapur. 

04 Jul 2022

Grit and attitude keeps Narayanaswamy, lad from Andhra going

When you are determined to succeed in life, no obstacle can prevent you.

12 Jun 2022

Andhra draws only 26 of 32 TMC as TB canal repair works come to a halt

With the canal bunds weakened at places, the water could not be discharged at full capacity, as there is a possibility of a breach.

10 Jun 2022

Ex-counsellor works to end hunger in Anantapur

Popular for its Rs 5 per meal initiative, Nanda’s organisation feeds 300 people every day

29 May 2022

Anantpur man chose painting over job

Bannothu Thackeray Naik had a tough childhood as he was affected by polio.  

08 May 2022

Anantapur shocker: 510 electrocuted in four years 

In 2021-22, only nine families of the electrocution victims had received compensation. The victims included children, employees, workers and farmers.

07 May 2022