CP Venugopal

Empowering rural youth with vocational skills in Anantapur

A total of 27 RUDSETIs are running to help the rural youth gain employment now. 

18 Apr 2021

Anantapur man teaches the Art of Giving

Timma Reddy sets an example in philanthropy; ensures none sleeps on an empty stomach

11 Apr 2021

Septuagenarian making a difference in people’s lives

Even in her late 70s, Prameelamma makes it a point to visit an orphanage or old age home once a month and spend a day with the inmates. 

28 Mar 2021

Kadiri RTC conductor funds students’ education

Thota Sridhar, a conductor at Kadiri RTC depot, extends financial assistance to poor students on every Republic Day. 

07 Mar 2021

An ordinary man with an extraordinary heart

Born in poverty, Mude Ravi Naik from Anantapur district starts ‘Heart to Help Foundation’ to help needy and poor

14 Feb 2021

Preserving his roots by lending a helping hand

Mustak Khan, a welder, is inspiring others on how to overcome obstacles in one’s life. His friends join him in his noble endeavour 

24 Jan 2021

Lack of procurement centres hits cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh

As against the normal 10 to 12 quintals per acre, the yield this time was seven to eight quintals only. 

04 Jan 2021

This postman from Anantapur delivers inspirational message

It is not just that, he makes it a point to explain about those leaders and their contribution to the nation.

13 Dec 2020

Villagers protest by refusing ration, prepared to decline pension as well

While people often protest by staging dharnas and blocking roads, the villagers of Pulletipalli in Anantapur district’s CK Palli mandal have chosen a different route.

25 Nov 2020

Anantapur man has made helping the poor his mission

Venkataramana Reddy’s Sanjeevani Trust comes to the rescue of 40 thalassemia patients, provides medicines and some money for their daily needs

22 Nov 2020

Anantapur farmers waiting for micro irrigation equipment subsidy for seven months

 Farmers of drought-prone Anantapur district have been  waiting to get micro irrigation equipment for the past seven months.

31 Oct 2020

A colleague’s suicide prompts Andhra cop to go beyond call of duty

The selfless service rendered by Venugopal defies the general perception of police personnel - hard-hearted, strict and insensitive.

18 Oct 2020

This team of four from Anantpur step in when even relatives look away to bury COVID-19 victims

The team swings into action whenever the administration finds it difficult to dispose of a body.

27 Sep 2020

11-year-old Andhra boy turns breadwinner as COVID-19 claims mom’s job

Now with no school due to Covid-19, and with little demand for the tiffin his mother cooks to sell, the boy has been going door-to-door selling fruits and vegetables.

06 Sep 2020

Kisan Rail set to chug to Delhi on September 10 with Anantapur fruits

Earlier, bananas were transported to Mumbai in freight trains for exporting them to the Gulf countries through a private company. 

05 Sep 2020

Unable to sell crop, Andhra Pradesh farmer tries to sell land, still finds no buyers

Farmers are among the worst-affected by the Covid-19-induced lockdown. Staring at huge losses, many of them have left their crop to rot in their fields.

24 Aug 2020

Anantapur cotton farmers stare at huge losses in the absence of buyers, remunerative price

The officials claim that farmers are not coming forward stating that the price in the open market is more than what the Cotton Corporation of India is offering.  

17 Aug 2020

Nightwear makers forced to call it a day

Nightwear production is primarily a cottage industry in Pamidi, with five to 10 people employed in each unit.

20 Jul 2020

Corona lockdown pushes Rayadurg jeans industry into doldrums 

With no fresh orders placed by companies, workers struggle for survival; almost every household in the region involved in garment production and marketing

05 Jul 2020

Andhra lab technicians wage frontline pandemic fight 

Wearing PPE, they work for nearly eight hours a day testing thousands of samples that are arriving at Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDLs) in the State without any break.

18 May 2020

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