Chandan Nandy

Penny-pinching, hoarder, greedy and work-shy

There is talk of another woman — a teacher — said to be close to Chatterjee.

31 Jul 2022

Partha Chatterjee: The 'greedy, work-shy penny-pinching hoarder' in the eye of the SSC scam

The stories of Chatterjee's miserliness are legion in the TMC, which also explains why he allegedly hoarded Rs 52 crore in cash, thousands of dollars worth lakhs and jewellery valued at Rs 4 crore.

31 Jul 2022

Check posts on Bangladesh border face land acquisition roadblock despite CCS nod

The ICPs, apart from housing regulatory agencies such as Customs, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Bureau of Immigration and BSF, are also mandated to provide additional support facilities.

28 Jul 2022

Foreigners Tribunals across Assam suffer due to lack of infrastructure

The 200 Foreigners’ Tribunals (FTs) were to become functional from September 1, 2019, as a consequence of a May 2019 Supreme Court order.

15 Jul 2022

67 Israeli surveillance drones on the deal street

According to government sources, Israeli Aerospace Industries may clinch the $3 billion deal despite stiff competition from a US-based company.

13 Jul 2022

In free fall: Breaking up with tea to save economy

Pakistanis love their tea in all flavours. Common Pakistanis also relish the manner in which they sip their tea: they usually pour half a cup into a saucer before slurping the sugary-syrupy liquid.

02 Jul 2022

Aftermath of the Rajiv assassination: The ‘M-word', loose ends and the terrorist in the tanker

And his conviction that “nothing more was to be found” is unshaken. “All the loose ends were tied up,” he told this correspondent over the phone.

25 Jun 2022

India to soon deploy underwater drones in Indian Ocean region, South China Sea

The MoD is learnt to have issued an expression of interest with the objective of inviting the Indian industry to design and develop an “underwater launched unmanned aerial vehicle”.

11 Jun 2022

Army Opts for Chinese GPS receivers over desi ones

GNSS is a system of satellites which broadcast signals from space with both positioning and timing information.

05 Jun 2022

In a first, RBI considers using images of Rabindranath Tagore, APJ Abdul Kalam on banknotes

This is the first time that RBI is considering using the images of famous personalities other than Mahatma Gandhi on the banknotes.

05 Jun 2022

Tagore, Kalam may appear on banknotes

The Father of the Nation’s watermark figure occupies the pride of place on all denominations of Indian currency notes.

05 Jun 2022

Colour-shifting ink, security fibres: New features to make fresh banknotes counterfeit-proof

A host of new security features are expected to be added when the RBI goes about printing fresh banknotes.

31 May 2022

Misplaced priorities? ISRO delays four defence satellites

Sources said NavIC’s accuracy has been hampered because the satellites are not in place.

29 May 2022

Culture ministry to study ‘racial purity’ of Indians

Shinde is adjunct professor at the Bangalore-based National Institute of Advanced Study and director of the Rakhigarhi Research Project.

28 May 2022

Three decades on, ambitious police networking plan 'POLNET' still limping

Officially launched in 2002, POLNET was supposed to connect India’s then 11,502 police stations and the central paramilitary forces through a satellite-based communication network.

27 May 2022