Chetana Divya Vasudev

Musicathon: sixty years of symphony

Karnataka-based Carnatic vocalist brothers of the Thyagaraja lineage recollect the ups and downs in their illustrious musical journey

22 Oct 2016

Whizzpopping fun with giant speak

Spielberg directorial The BFG retains some of the comically turned words Roald Dahl coined in his novel

11 Aug 2016

Great gramps is a lady

Lady Anandi, a documentary theatre piece, is Anuja Ghosalkar’s attempt to write Madhorao Tipnis into the history of Indian theatre

30 Jun 2016

'I get to be my own boss here'

As it strikes 12 in the night, Abdul keeps the sleepy sorts awake with his chai

16 Jun 2016

Every Book and its keeper has a story

Church Street bookstore trail Books and Brew took place on Sunday.

08 Jun 2016

Techie pens bite-sized stories

K R Shankar feeds his passion for writing with a typewriter outside Blossom Book House on Church Street on Saturday evenings.

08 Jun 2016

He planted 15 lakh trees, saved the city

Having closely observed trees in other parts of the state he was posted in, he noticed that not many saplings.

06 Jun 2016

Bard Watcher of Bengaluru

Theatre director Surendranath marks Shakespeare fourth death centenary with his first English play,based on Merchant of Venice

04 Jun 2016

There Once was a Hatter

A manufacturing unit for many varieties of hats, Hatworks Boulevard is now home to many boutiques.

14 Apr 2016

Docu-film on Kasaravalli Set for Screening Today

Kasaravalli says he was pleasantly surprised how Life in Metaphors turned out, considering it’s the filmmaker’s first.

06 Apr 2016

Abandoned Library at the Edge of Lalbagh

Home to British, German and Indian horticulturists at one point in time, the 150-year-old structure is now covered in cobwebs. Restoration has been stalled.

31 Mar 2016

The Story of India's First Dancing Girl

An adaptation of Vikram Sampath’s My Name is Gauhar Jaan! will be staged at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on Thursday.

16 Mar 2016

The Boy Who Was Once Mistaken for a Girl

Sonu, a transman on whose life That’s My Boy was made, had a supportive mother.

12 Mar 2016

20 Yrs in Search of Family Trees

Michael Lobo is almost done with the 10,000-page Genealogical Encyclopedia of Mangalorean Catholic Families.

05 Mar 2016

When Home is School, Play is Learning

Opposing formal schooling, these parents take their children out to cook, garden, travel and learn from life.

03 Mar 2016

Mansion's Forgotten its Manikyavelu

The heritage building on Palace Road that houses NGMA’s southern chapter was once owned by a business magnate, of whom few records remain.

25 Feb 2016

Kritis to the Abandon of Yellamma's Singers

Jogappas, transwomen with a tradition of effortless singing, will perform with renowned Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna.

17 Feb 2016

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