Chithra Madhavan

Majestic Vishnu image in an ancient cave-temple

There is a compound wall with a doorway through which the temple area has to be entered.

03 Mar 2022

Where Ganesha listened to a devotee’s poem

Anbil, close to Tiruchirapalli, is home to two ancient temples, one for Vishnu and another for Siva.

09 Dec 2021

An ancient Siva temple in Chola capital

This temple is the fifth of the Padal Petra Sthalams located south of River Kaveri.

22 Nov 2021

A rare shrine for the ten incarnations of Vishnu

This island of Srirangam is best known for its huge temple for Ranganatha Swami (Vishnu) which is the world’s biggest living temple.

11 Nov 2021

Where God Siva became a mother

Appar and Thirugnanasambandar, the two famous Nayanmars of the 7th century AD have sung the praise of Thayumanavar Swami of ‘Chirapalli’.

27 Oct 2021

Vishnu temple in an ancient Chola capital

The Goddess is worshipped as Uraiyur Nachchiyar (also called Uraiyurvalli and Kamalavalli Thayar).

13 Oct 2021

The temple tank here is common to Vishnu and Siva

Anbil, a small village, is home to a Vishnu temple dedicated to Azhagiya Nambi who is seen reclining on Adisesha facing east.

06 Oct 2021

A special sweet is offered to Lord Vishnu in Koviladi

According to the Sthala Puranam or traditional story, Lord Indra prayed to Vishnu here to get rid of his sins.

28 Sep 2021

Unique temple for the Hindu Trinity

Many inscriptions have been discovered here and the first of these records a gift of land during the reign of the Chola king Rajadhiraja.

21 Sep 2021

Temple where Goddess Lakshmi is predominant

At the Vishnu temple in Thiruvellarai, you’ll find Surya, Chandra, Adisesha and Garuda in unique roles

14 Sep 2021

A temple of Chola vintage

The Mahakalanatha Swami (Siva) temple in Ambar Makalam (Koil Thirumalam) is situated about a kilometre away from the Brahmapurishwarar temple in Ambar.

21 Aug 2021

Ancient Siva temple in Ambal

According to this temple’s tradition (Sthala Puranam), Brahma in the form of bird, worshipped Siva here in order to regain his original form and hence the name Brahmapurishwarar.

11 Aug 2021