Daniel Thimmayya

'Thiruttu Payale 2' review: A decent, even if not darker, follow-up

To compare this Bobby Simhaa-Prasanna-Amala Paul film with the Jeevan-Malavika-Sonia Aggarwal original from 2006 would be an injustice both ways.

02 Dec 2017

Don't feel tempted enough to do commercial film, says Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee says he only does commercial films when it is a matter of maintaining a relationship. Otherwise, he is not tempted to do 'masala' entertainers.

22 Oct 2017

IT review: Almost a perfect horror film for kids

A little less gore and none of the swearing and I would have quickly billed IT the perfect introduction to horror cinema for kids.

09 Sep 2017

'War for the Planet of the Apes'  review: Technically stunning, but needlessly drawn-out

Everything about it is intense. Like really, really, really intense.

15 Jul 2017

Kansas shooting survivor says he still doesn't feel like an 'outsider'

It is the Memorial Day weekend and Olathe, Kansas is living up to its reputation of being a quiet mid-western US town where little happens and everybody is exceedingly polite. 

27 May 2017

Everything, Everything review: Slow, sure-footed romance but not quite The Fault in Our Stars

It's inevitable that everyone who watches Everything, Everything, will draw a parallel to The Fault in our Stars.

20 May 2017

Alien: Covenant Review: Ridley Scott redeems himself after Prometheus and it makes for a 'bloody' good nostalgia trip

If your earliest (and perhaps gooily bloodiest) memories of life from outer space were more Alien (of Alien fame) than ET, then what I'm about to say next will make sense to you. 

12 May 2017

'Enga Amma Rani' review: A drawn-out family drama that gets horribly lost along the way 

Terrible writing and horrific horror scenes that underwhelm a neat performance by Dhanshika.

05 May 2017

Railroad Tigers review: Somewhere between silly and satirical

If you love goofy dubbed Chinese movies, watch this Jackie Chan gem!

21 Apr 2017

Fast and Furious 8 Review: Vin Diesel steps on the pedal in this all-out adrenaline ride

This sequence is very symbolic of how the movie runs. 

13 Apr 2017

I don’t have to react to every campus protest: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

Javadekar was responding to questions after delivering the inaugural address at the fifth edition of ThinkEdu Conclave, an annual education summit, organised by The New Indian Express.

04 Mar 2017

The Lego Batman Movie Review: This block-headed spoof is purely for adult Batman fans

The Lego Batman Movie is the full-blown, no holds barred spoof that the guys at DC Comics wanted to make, but could never.

17 Feb 2017

Resident Evil Review: A terrible zombie-fest that ties up a wearied franchise

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is to do unto it what management students do unto everything.

04 Feb 2017

Review: The Founder - This McDonald's movie doesn't need a side of fries

It's easily up there as one of the most brutal retellings of a corporate kingpin's life, to say the least.

21 Jan 2017

xXx Review: Vin Diesel should stick to the Fast and Furious movies

Despite having an expansive cast, the new xXx movie is a drag - a rehash of old 80's action movie plots and action sequences.

13 Jan 2017

Life’s on song for this beggar’s son

Jayavel’s rise from being a beggar’s son to studying in the UK and then being sent back may make you admire him. There’s a whole other chapter to the resilient young man’s indomitable spirit.

25 Dec 2016

Rogue One review: straight up stardust even if you’re not into the force

No Star Wars film can ever be anything short of epic for the diehard Star Wars fan.

17 Dec 2016

Hacksaw Ridge review: This biopic will either bore you or stir you

Hacksaw Ridge is an exercise in extremes. You’ll either love it or hate it. There’s very little middle ground here.

17 Dec 2016

This  biopic will either  bore you or  stir you

Hacksaw Ridge is an exercise in extremes. ​

17 Dec 2016

Hacksaw Ridge Review: This Mel Gibson-directed biopic will either bore you or stir you

Mel Gibson has transformed the astonishing tale of Desmond Doss into a soulful drama, albeit with a good deal of his religious indulgences and political propaganda.

16 Dec 2016

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