David Fickling

Is the age of gold ending in India?

Considering SBI's current 6.4% benchmark one-year deposit rate and inflation at 3.99%, a savings account is a far better way to protect your wealth against rising prices than a bangle.

28 Oct 2019

World’s longest flights from Sydney to London, New York aren’t meant for cattle class

For all the hardship of spending a day cooped up with the body odours of a couple of hundred other humans, long-haul flying isn’t a particularly attractive business for airlines, either.

19 Oct 2019

OPINION | Saudi Aramco bets USD 15 billion on India’s crude habit

The transaction will give the world’s biggest oil producer a one-fifth stake in the world’s biggest oil refinery at a $75 billion enterprise value, equivalent to $15 billion for Aramco’s stake.

13 Aug 2019

How India's water ends up everywhere but India, the largest water exporter

Despite the ongoing water crisis in cities like Chennai, the country's data presents itself to be one of the largest's exporters of water through farm produce.

06 Jul 2019