Deena Theresa

Magic of Muthuvan marriage

An ancient and exciting wedding tradition from Kerala, rediscovered by Kochi filmmaker Shawn Sebastian, is part of filmmaker Bharatbala’s Virtual Bharat series.

24 Apr 2021

The right tint of heritage

Dinesh R Shenoy has an affair with architecture and structures — one where he paints them into memories so they even withstand the test of time

20 Mar 2021

Indulge in some cringe

Anantharaman Ajay of YouTube channel ‘Appuppan and the Boys’ analyses and investigates some of the finest  cringe-worthy movies in Malayalam

19 Mar 2021

Kerala Flood: Beware of fake forwards on Whatsapp, avoid panic

Be careful about what you ‘like’ and what you forward.

18 Aug 2018