Deepika Kolluru

Antarvedi woman represents India at UN ocean forum

The programme is hosted by the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs, in partnership with Oceanic Global. 

09 Jun 2021

Despite Covid-19, this Andhra-based chain made business by brewing the country's staple beverage

As Covid-19 continues to challenge businesses of all kinds, some business chains have seen an upward trend in demand.

06 Jun 2021

Doctors suggest 'liquor consumption lethal for Covid patients'

Doctors say it can severely impact oxygen supply to body, suggest therapy for people recovering to deal with stress

05 Jun 2021

Need oxygen bed in Andhra Pradesh? First check

As the world battles Covid-19, Twitter has become a lifeline for many amid acute shortage of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders.

19 May 2021

Students find comfort in yoga, gardening

Amidst unprecedented changes, and uncertainty all around, some students shed light on what keeps them going on and motivated. 

15 May 2021

Covid restrictions on movement push more people to online shopping

Several small town consumers have turned online for buying essentials and other items and e-commerce companies have been providing roundthe- clock services to meet the demand.

10 May 2021

A woman of many hats

This 21-year-old is a skater, dancer, artist, and an engineer.

18 Apr 2021