Dese Gowda

Spectacle of  Shame

Thespian Jyoti Dogra’s latest brings to the stage a thought-provoking reflection on self-shaming and modern norms on beauty.

23 May 2023

Behind the blindfold 

As Bengaluru grew to become the IT hub that it is today, it  saw a tremendous change in its demographics, becoming one of the most ethically diverse cities in the country.

16 May 2023

When the wind god fell sick: Connected with nature

The eponymous story, When the Wind God Fell Sick, tells the tale of a god who falls ill due to the destruction of the forests.

13 May 2023

Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections: Speaking up, speaking out

Ahead of the upcoming Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections, Dese Gowda speaks to a cross-section of voters in the city to get a picture of the issues that concern them  

03 May 2023

Healing through hope and humour

Through therapeutic clowning, a city-based theatre troupe is helping recuperating patients keep up a positive attitude.

25 Apr 2023

Spice route  

A cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world for nearly three decades, Penn Masala has created a genre that blends Indian and Western music.

24 Apr 2023

Preconception & Perspective 

Actor-thespian Padmavati Rao’s latest theatre production explores social and cultural themes that are relevant more than ever in contemporary times

19 Apr 2023

Conquering Peaks

This mountaineer set a new record by scaling two among the highest peaks in Asia, in a span of just three days

19 Apr 2023

Battle Royale witnessed between RCB and CSK

Fans of both teams are eagerly anticipating this encounter, as it is the only time they will meet during the league stage.

17 Apr 2023

Doctor who healed thyself

Not wanting to take medicines lifelong after being diagnosed with diabetes, this nuclear medicine specialist worked on reversing her condition – all of which she chronicles in her latest book

13 Apr 2023

Spring Soiree: Easter Sunday

Similarly, chef Aurelie Lalande, who runs a traditional French desserts and quiches boutique in the city shares that some of the traditional Easter foods are hard to find in Bengaluru.

08 Apr 2023

Making a mark with tattoos

Menon returned to Bengaluru with newly-acquired skills. He had lost hope until a chance encounter with a random stranger on a train journey who helped him realise his dream.

06 Apr 2023

Southward bound: Vedvika Soni to make Kannada debut with 'Rajkeeya'

Actor Vedvika Soni, previously seen in Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka is making her Kannada debut with a political drama, to be released in time for the Karnataka Elections 

06 Apr 2023

Solo sojourn

In the contemporary world, people are increasingly choosing to break away from traditional living arrangements and explore alternative lifestyles.

05 Apr 2023

New beginnings

As IPL returns to its regular format following the pandemic, with matches being hosted at each team’s home stadium, Sunday’s match between RCB and MI is special for some fans.

01 Apr 2023