Diya Maria George

Layers of sustainability in a lehenga

The morning sunlight added to the elegance of the bridal lehengas in hues of red, saffron and golden at Sruthi Kannath Studio.

28 Sep 2022

Triumph over waves

The one-of-a-kind event witnessed the participation of girls from classes 8 to 11 from St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School and Government Higher Secondary School, Kovalam.

26 Sep 2022

A ‘Thuvakkam’ towards change

It was in 1995 that Sekhar Raghavan initiated a door-to-door campaign in Chennai to create awareness on the importance of rainwater harvesting.

21 Sep 2022

Boost your brain 

On World Alzheimer’s Day, Dr Venkatraman Karthikeyan enlists a dietary chart that can keep your brain healthy

21 Sep 2022

A soulful, starry spectacle

A starlit, breezy night outdoors at SPR City, Perambur was the perfect scenario to take in Bollywood music.

20 Sep 2022

A meet-up of musical minds

Creating a fascinating mix of melodies, fast numbers and classical music, the singers  of Voice Of District 3232 immersed the audience into many moods.

20 Sep 2022

A holistic centre for dental health

Our services and the service centres are inclusive to everyone. Even if one needs further assistance, they can speak with our team and they will be happy to help,” Dr Yashwanth said.

19 Sep 2022

RmKV silks: Old colours and techniques in new collection

Bringing back the forgotten colours while also creating new innovations, RmKV Silks has launched two new sari collections

17 Sep 2022

St Jude’s ChildCare Centre, a centre for comfort and cancer cure in Chennai

Cancer is a disease with a rising curve in India. From diagnosis to treatment and cure, the process is nothing less than excruciating.

16 Sep 2022

Duchess Utsav, an utsav of luxury and labels 

An array of classic, contemporary silhouettes from Stephin Lalan, Zapelle, and Bohe from Bengaluru also adds to the richness.

15 Sep 2022

Of art installations and torn canvases: Art director and artist Shanoo Muralidharan talks about her passion for colours

Her recent installation of cubical box frames that hold curled coiled wires, all hanging on a single string is based on the devastating floods in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the past years.

15 Sep 2022

WWF-ICNW: Helping women climb ladders of courage

WWF-ICNW has announced The International Network for Women in Cooperatives with 1,000 members convened to advocate awareness of gender in cooperatives.

13 Sep 2022

Photographer Megha Bhatia's reality check in the world of weddings

For almost a decade, Megha Bhatia has been curating wedding stories with her camera. She listens and captures what the bride and the groom wants.

12 Sep 2022

Filtered representations

Historian Nivedita Louis and Goethe-Institut director Katharina Görgen speak of the unheard voices of women during the freedom struggle

10 Sep 2022

Compiling curious creations

The fest received almost 8oo entries, and was an opportunity for school kids to pen poems or stories of any genre.

07 Sep 2022