Diya Maria George

'Prioritise your comfort, not others’ opinions': Many switch over from pads & tampons to menstrual cups

When I asked a friend what it was like to use a menstrual cup, she replied that using it made her feel like she was floating.

25 Nov 2023

A dream debut on a global court

 While she was doing well in studies and the sport, a personal tragedy struck her.

22 Nov 2023

No right arm, but this differently-abled Tamil Nadu cyclist keeps 'flying like a bird'

Disability and financial struggle do not stop Tameem Ansari B from following his passion for cycling, and setting great goals

20 Nov 2023

Let’s paint, period: Leena Manimekalai's ‘Thuyimayin vayathu pathimoondru’ & Sabaritha's Menses with Men

Through their Instagram page and podcast, Menses With Men, Sabaritha Andhimandarai and her friends are running a campaign to quash the stigma surrounding menstruation 

16 Nov 2023

Celebrating Chennai on a chariot

On Sunday, children took a tour of the city on horse-drawn carriages, viewing its iconic buildings and listening to stories.

15 Nov 2023

Soumyadip Sinha: Sketches of satire and seriousness

Soumyadip committed to the art world when he was almost 29 years old

07 Nov 2023

Knitting colourful koodais

Koodaikadai, a collaboration between women from Institute of Mental Health and Laya Krishnaraj, creates customised vibrant bags and hopes to reach more people through their Instagram page

23 Oct 2023

Musings of a marudaani artist  

Through her intricate mehendi designs and thoughtful words on topics that need to be addressed, this Instagram account is trying to bring about a change in society — one post, one artwork at a time.

18 Oct 2023

Brewing bountiful brunch

The chef highlights that the best part of their buffet is the hotel’s dessert section.

11 Oct 2023

The art of  rapping politics

Choreographer-turned-rapper Imman Vijay from the city questions authority, educates the masses and wishes to bring about a change through his political raps

07 Oct 2023

In search of Ambedkar

Vijayashanthi Murthy, assistant professor from the Department of English, St Joseph’s College of Commerce speaks to CE about her quest for Ambedkar in the streets. 

21 Sep 2023

In the Weeb world: Meet SP Praveen Raj who launched 'Anime Nadu' which publishes stories on anime, manga and related themes

Anime is an escape from reality. The fictional characters not only keep us entertained but also teach us life lessons, shares Praveen.

14 Sep 2023

Cakes, bakes and beyond

After 33 years, Cakewalk on Sterling Road gets a makeover that brings Indian and international delicacies on the menu.

13 Sep 2023

Setting a successful sail: Meet Alia Sabreen Faisal who won bronze at YAI Youth Multi Class Regatta

Alia follows Olympians Nethra Kumaran and Vishnu Saravanan, her inspirations, and she learns from their techniques by watching videos on the Internet.

12 Sep 2023

Picturing the plight of people 

Dhivya Jessy, a Chennai-based filmmaker, presents these parallels between progress and poverty, through her latest documentary ‘Nagarodi’.

04 Sep 2023

Isreal Conflict