45 per cent Bihar migrants hit by COVID-19 were SC/STs

UoH conducts study based on data collected from 100 Bihari migrant workers who had left Hyd during lockdown

10 minutes ago

Many tribal villages in Telangana lack key infra, finds study

A latest study by the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs has ranked the performance of nine erstwhile districts of Telangana based on the infrastructure available in their tribal villages.

22 hours ago

Link road in Nallagandla raises green concerns

The proposed road is said to be 36 metres wide and will reduce the commute to Nallagandla from the University of Hyderabad by nearly 2.5 km.

21 Oct 2021

17 days of rain can submerge half of Hyderabad: BITS-Pilani study

The total limit of GHMC is roughly 625 sq km, which implies that about half the city could be under water in such a scenario.

16 Oct 2021

Telangana likely to see 12 per cent spike in cancer cases by 2025: Study

According to the fact sheet, roughly one in seven women below the age of 74 are likely to develop cancer as against one in nine men in the same age group.

07 Oct 2021

Doctors suspect COVID-19 link in intestinal gangrene surge

The development is shocking as usually, during non-pandemic years, not more than two to three cases are seen in the year, making doctors suspect a link with COVID-19.

03 Oct 2021

Tired & weak: Quarter of Telangana population suffers from anaemia

The State’s overall disease burden for anaemia is shocking with the report summarising that roughly 53,53,541 non-pregnant women are anaemic and 97,473 pregnant women anaemic.

02 Oct 2021

Telangana's rural hospitals low on beds, manpower: Niti Aayog

In Niti Aayog's report, which analyses the performance of district hospitals in the country, Telangana fares well in support services, paramedic strength.

01 Oct 2021

Officials hope to ensure 100% vaccination in Telangana's poll-bound Huzurabad constituency

Karimnagar Collector RV Karnan announced that the administration will ensure all polls officials are fully vaccinated to cut the chain of transmission and control the severity of the infections.

29 Sep 2021

Works within Achari Kunta lake spark outrage

Water Board did not take permission for digging a road in lake’s FTL to lay down a pipeline, says Irrigation Dept official

26 Sep 2021

Lost smell & taste due to Covid-19? This CCMB study can tell you why

Downregulation is the process by which a cell decreases the quantity of a cellular component, such as RNA or protein, in response to an external stimulus.

25 Sep 2021

NIV Pune study finds severe dengue strain dominant in Telangana

The DENV-2 strain causes severe conditions like Thrombocytopenia, low platelet count or bleeding into the skin more often than other strains

22 Sep 2021

71% Hyderabad women faced bias at work over health issues

About 71 per cent women in Hyderabad said they faced a hostile workplace in terms of reactions to their health issues, and this was likely leading to many of their female colleagues to quit work.

08 Sep 2021

Telangana: 60 private hospitals slapped show-cause notices for not setting up O2 plants

The Director of Health had given September 1 as the deadline for the same.

07 Sep 2021

HCWs hit hardest by Covid after vaccine drive began

As per JAC’s data, of the 45 deaths, 26 occurred in 2021 largely during the Covid second wave. 

28 Aug 2021