Lack of Amphotericin B forces use of alternatives to treat black fungus in Telangana

Unofficial estimates peg the number of black fungus cases at 400 in Telangana. Of these, nearly 226 are at the ENT Koti hospital — the nodal treatment centre for the infection.

25 May 2021

‘Strict’ lockdown in Telangana hits relief work

The cops, in their overzealous implementation, even stopped blood donors and people carrying oxygen supplies

23 May 2021

COVID-19: Recovery rate picks up at Nizamabad GGH ICU

Doctors heading Critical Care Medicine at hosp says spike in recoveries from 50% to 70% a result of timely intervention

23 May 2021

Despite dip in cases, ICU admissions still high in Telangana government hospitals

Ten days have passed since the State came under a Covid-induced lockdown, but there seems to be no let up in the number of serious cases coming to government hospitals.

22 May 2021

Black fungus: Shortage of drug spells death knell for patients in Telangana

A day after the Director of Medical Education played down fears of the increasing cases of Mucormycosis, the Health Department officially declared it as an epidemic.

21 May 2021

Is four-hour relaxation killing lockdown in Telangana?

The four-hour relaxation period appears to have become counter-productive to the very objective of lockdown — to arrest the spread, and bring down the incidence of Covid-19.

20 May 2021

Small hospitals face huge Oxygen hurdle for Covid-19 treatment in Telangana

A fortnight ago, a 50-bed hospital in Nalgonda was forced to borrow cylinders from other hospitals after a near calamity-like situation prevailed.

19 May 2021

For third straight day, Covid vaccination drive put on hold in Telangana

As per a Central government document, the State has administered 54 lakh doses and is left with 6.9 lakh doses to spare as on May 15.

18 May 2021

COVID: Citizens expose Telangana’s claim on bed availability

The government live dashboard shows that more than 6,000 are available in these hospitals.

15 May 2021

Black fungus spreading its tentacles in Telangana

Black fungus, the new scourge, is scaring the daylights out of the diabetic Covid-19 patients who are in their recovery stage.

14 May 2021

Three lose vision to black fungus in Telangana

As per Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, 11 patients have come with this condition and are being given treatment

14 May 2021

As cases rise, Hyderabad scours for scarce black fungus drug 

Liposomal Amphotericin B is in short supply in the State; hospitals too throw up their hands

13 May 2021

Telangana: Panic as agencies ordered not to supply oxygen to individuals

This abrupt move, however, has left families running around the city in anxiety to get their cylinders refilled. 

12 May 2021

Telangana: Walk in for vaccine, walk out with Covid?

Ironically, citizens are getting infected at crowded vaccination centres

11 May 2021

Mini clusters come out from Hyderabad's Osmania General Hospital with non-COVID cases

Sources say that since April, at least 80 patients got COVID-19 from within the hospital after having surgery.

08 May 2021