Overworked and tired doctors' community want lockdown in Telangana

Stating that the high number of deaths due to delayed admissions is a cause for concern, they say a two-week lockdown is the only way to save lives and keep the hospitals from collapsing.

07 May 2021

Staff crunch: Top doctor of Kondapur District Hospital near Hyderabad shifts bodies to morgue

It is learnt that due to the lack of staff, the otherwise wellequipped hospital is severely incapable of catering to patients, especially those affected with COVID-19.

06 May 2021

Fewer tests in Telangana may lead to more COVID cases

State’s R0 valve — the number of people a Covid+ve person can infect — rises to 1.55, the 8th worst in country; ntn’l avg at 1.32

05 May 2021

Forget medicines, Koti Hospital doesn’t have drinking water

Reliable sources confirmed that the hospital has had no drinking water for its staff since the last eight months.

02 May 2021

TIMS and Chest Hospital lack CT scan equipment, docs turn to X-ray machines

In the absence of CT scan equipment, doctors are now using X-ray machines. “An X-ray only shows that the lung is affected.

01 May 2021

Couple steps in to take care of kid as Covid +ve parents land in hospital

The direct outcome of this was that their 10-year-old son was left at the hospital reception without food and water. 

30 Apr 2021

Misleading figures: Half the ICU beds listed on State dashboard don’t exist

The biggest chunk of this, at least 150 beds, are shown to be in Ramagundam Area Hospital in Peddapalli.

30 Apr 2021

Delayed hospital admission causing Covid deaths to spiral in Telangana

Meanwhile, senior health officials urged people with moderate to mild symptoms to avoid rushing to hospitals. 

29 Apr 2021

Corridors of death: Bodies of COVID patients pile up at Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences

The hospital, which was inaugurated last year, has about 700 patients across its nine floors at present, and has expanded its ICU from one floor to four different floors.

27 Apr 2021

Hyderabad officials monitor oxygen supply amid high demand

Hospitals create task force to arrest wastage of medical oxygen.

25 Apr 2021

COVID-19: Telangana hit by shortage of RAT kits, staff at Primary Health Centres

Getting tested for Covid-19 in Telangana has become a challenge for many, with the State’s Primary Health Centres (PHC) facing an acute shortage of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits. 

25 Apr 2021

Telangana dashboard on bed availability far from reliable

Mismatch between real-time govt data and actual figures of oxygen beds at private hospitals in Hyderabad; many facilities rue oxygen shortage.

23 Apr 2021

Scary trend: Test positivity rate in 17 districts higher than Telangana’s average of 3.9%

According to the latest district-wise data, as many as 1,29,637 tests were conducted on April 17, with 5,093 positive cases detected on the day.

22 Apr 2021

Curfew in Telangana a good move, but not enough: Experts

Urge govt to impose more restrictions and not to leave it to people to follow Covid rules.

21 Apr 2021

Anything for a vial of Remdesivir in Hyderabad

A crowd of at least 500 people, gathered at a Hetero Pharma outlet for the drug, was a microcosm of the situation across the State, even as black market dealers make a killing

20 Apr 2021