Doreen Fiedler

No Rubbish, Here Come the Tech Savvy Garbage Collectors

A former waste picker in Bengaluru employes people who use technology to record and dispose of waste

25 Apr 2015

From Indian Boarding Schools to Boardrooms of the West

The top brass of many Western firms such as Microsoft, PepsiCo, MasterCard and Deutsche Bank went to elite schools in India By Doreen Fiedler

27 Mar 2015

Cultural Artifacts Bear the Brunt in the Island of Treasure Hunters

Based on folklore about hidden treasures, culprits destroy and steal antiquities across Sri Lanka

12 Mar 2015

Villagers Run Rings Around Greek Games

The annual sports festival in Punjab’s Kila Raipur village presents a vivid spectacle to be called ‘Rural Olympics’

21 Feb 2015

Wombs for Rent: The booming Business of Motherhood

Hundreds of surrogate mothers in Anand are giving couples around the world a chance to have children

08 Nov 2014

Move Over IPL, Pro-Kabaddi is Here to Stay

A game that is as Indian as cricket is English enjoys a new-found popularity thanks to league matches being televised

04 Oct 2014