Dr Debanjan Banerjee

Intergenerational bonding to combat ageism

The recent Global Report on Ageism launched by the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2021 highlights the alarming scenario.

26 Aug 2022

How to eliminate the evil of elder abuse

While some were afraid of legal hassles, others had poor digital literacy and limited access to resources.

15 Jun 2022

A route map to improve our care for the elderly

Promoting independence, autonomy, dignity, respect and shared decision-making are the central principles of healthcare for older persons.

26 Apr 2022

Tele-Mental Health project timely

The Centre’s programme is much-needed but whether it delivers in the long run depends on its implementation and associated digital challenges.

18 Mar 2022

Why should ageing be shadowed by fear?

Ageist attitudes and stereotypes expose older people to discrimination and negative treatment, which intersect with other forms of stigma based on gender, race and disability. 

03 Mar 2022

Understanding the what, when and how of psychotherapy

In a country with an ever-rising mental health burden, it is important we seek appropriate help from the right person at the right time with realistic expectations

04 Aug 2021

The silent evil of elder abuse in India

Be it at home, in the streets, or old-age care facilities and hospitals, the elderly face various forms of emotional, physical, psychological and social abuse.

22 Jun 2020

Covid pandemic,social media and digital distancing

Many distress calls that we cater to nowadays are related to compulsive use of internet and social media leading to health anxiety and somatic complaints

06 May 2020

Elderly and the COVID-19 pandemic

What makes the elderly more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus? And what steps can we take to protect them?

11 Apr 2020

Fighting the Covid pandemic

Various states are initiating a shutdown as the next two weeks are crucial for preventing community transmission of the virus

19 Mar 2020

Coronavirus and tackling misinformation

New pathogens tend to baffle the public. Uncertainty leads to doubt, which gives way to panic that paves the path for false information

07 Mar 2020

Fighting the silent stress epidemic

All of us experience stress at some point in our lives. But we hardly pay attention to  it or our efforts to combat the situation

21 Nov 2019

Isreal Conflict