Dr K Srinath Reddy

Bias against girl child: Science must speak loudly

The foolish notion that that women are responsible for determining the sex of the baby must be clearly dispelled by science education in schools and popular media.

08 Jun 2022

From population control to stabilisation

Latest numbers from the National Family Health Survey reveal that the spectre of population explosion need no longer haunt India.

11 May 2022

Delivering comprehensive primary healthcare

Rather than such a static come-to-me model, health services need to reach households. Our frontline workers are capable of doing that with adequate training and support.

16 Apr 2022

Countering the challenge of childhood obesity

From unethical marketing of breast milk substitutes to aggressive promotion of high calorie foods, sections of the food industry have propelled the global obesity pandemic.

16 Mar 2022

What role does stress play in our health?

Stress is like a musical string instrument. If the strings are too lax, we can’t make music. If the strings are too taut, we can’t make good music either.

11 Feb 2022

Self care, an advancing area of medicine

An eminent Indian endocrinologist says that self care is the most important innovation in the management of diabetes since the discovery of insulin.

20 Dec 2021

Your health is in whose hands?

Preventing disease and promoting good health, at the population level, is an important function of public health in a well-functioning society.

21 Nov 2021

Why migration is a natural health experiment

Studies provide proof—across ethnicity, time and geography—that environmental factors greatly influence disease outcomes like hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease

19 Oct 2021

How to win the Covid tug of war 

We should proceed cautiously and not move too hurriedly and slip again. We should carefully open up in small steps, lest the third wave pull us down

13 Aug 2021