G Parthasarathy

India’s bold action, new posture take Pakistan and China by surprise

The mandarins in Beijing never imagined that India would directly challenge a growingly powerful and arrogant China.

25 Aug 2019

Indian response trumps Trump

Imran also reenacted the usual Pakistani charades, like putting Hafiz Saeed behind bars, yet again.

11 Aug 2019

Pak Hasn’t Changed 20 Years After Kargil

Even as Pakistan was claiming great military and diplomatic successes in its Kargil misadventure, a pitiably nervous Nawaz Sharif visited the White House.

27 Jul 2019

India should tread carefully in dealing with Donald Trump

There was continuity and predictability about the directions US policies would take, even after periodic changes of government in Washington.

30 Jun 2019

India looks East in Modi’s 2nd term

This development is important at a time when India is receiving full cooperation from its eastern neighbours, in dealing with separatism and terrorism.

16 Jun 2019

Modi Victory Strikes a Chord with World Leaders

Many self-styled ‘liberals’ in India and abroad virtually wept profusely after what was, unquestionably, the resounding victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

01 Jun 2019

Myanmar fears Chinese influence

Closer to the India-Myanmar border, the Chinese have long-term ties with four insurgent groups in the Kachin State, which borders both India and China.

18 May 2019

Imran: Protégé of Pakistan Military

Two significant developments in Pakistan have received relatively little attention in India.

05 May 2019

Neighbourhood Ties Expanding

Not surprisingly, public attention has recently been primarily focused on India’s air attack on Balakot and its aftermath.

18 Apr 2019

Balakot aftermath: It is now for other nations to react

There has been a raging controversy about India’s air strike on Balakot.

07 Apr 2019

China reveals true colours in UNSC

India has traditionally been risk averse in undertaking military operations on foreign soil.

24 Mar 2019

Surgical Strike at and Sino-Pak Ties

Public anger in India over the massacre was inevitable and the government boldly decided to hit back on Pakistani territory effectively.

09 Mar 2019

Myanmar punishes Indian separatists

The ISI again developed a substantial presence in Bangladesh. 

24 Feb 2019

Dealing with an unpredictable Donald Trump

President Donald Trump appears determined to continue bewildering the world by his propensities, priorities and unpredictability in the conduct of America’s foreign and security policies.

08 Feb 2019

Pakistan blocks South Asia’s trade growth

Over the past two decades, India has sought to promote the growth of trade, investment and connectivity in an area extending from Kabul to Bangkok, through SAARC and BIMSTEC.

26 Jan 2019

Trump tantrums changing global strategic scenario

Trump has made the US a virtual hostage of Israeli ambitions, reversing US policies on crucial issues.

12 Jan 2019

Assess Pakistan’s sincerity to end cross-border terror

The money trails were followed and linked to an accused in Pakistan, who was arrested.

22 Dec 2018

Kartarpur Corridor and Pakistan’s Grandiose Plans

Devout Sikhs were distressed by the Partition, as it denied them access to three of their holiest shrines: Nankana Sahib, Dera Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib.

09 Dec 2018

China trying to win over India’s neighbours

As Chinese economic and military power grows rapidly, countries across Asia are debating how they are going to deal with growing Chinese arrogance and use of its power.

24 Nov 2018

Trump’s Attitude Leads to New Global Equations

President Donald Trump has acted like the proverbial ‘Bull in a China Shop’ in destabilising global economic, military and power equations.

10 Nov 2018

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