Ganesh Saili

'Dateline Dehra Dun' book review: A quiet visit to the past

Love and fragrance, no matter how much you may try, cannot be hidden!’ One could easily say that of Raj Kanwar’s new book Dateline Dehra Dun.

01 Aug 2020

Royal Rumble

The book begins like a fairy tale.

25 Jun 2020

'Breath of Gold: Hariprasad Chaurasia' by Sathya Saran reads like a Bollywood screenplay

Emerging from Lockdown 4.0, one is greeted by Breath of Gold: Hariprasad Chaurasia by Sathya Saran. It reads like a Bollywood screenplay.

21 Jun 2020

Rhododendron tales

From school at BCS Shimla, Thondup joined the ICS school in Dehradun, then running from a tented colony, but nonetheless ‘renowned as the training ground for bureaucrats’.

13 Jun 2020

'No Illusions In Xanadu' book review: Murder Most Foul

Author Ruby Gupta’s latest crime thriller No Illusions in Xanadu was released in the morning session of the Valley of Words—hailed at the session as Dehradun’s answer to Agatha Christie.

24 May 2020

'Till Kingdom Come' book review: The Mysterious Valley

A break in the clouds gives me a glimpse of the Jaunsar and Bawar—twin mountainous regions in the north-west of Uttarakhand.

18 Apr 2020

'The Chennai Killings' book review: Opening wounds

The story is told from multiple points of view as per the needs of the book.

11 Apr 2020

'Calcutta Nights' book review: A City Lost in Time

Calcutta Nights (Raater Kolkata) is the real-life story of the enigmatic `Meghnad Gupta’—the pseudonym assumed by Bengali fiction writer Hemendra Kumar Roy.

04 Apr 2020

The Vault of Vishnu: A masterful blend of myth and history

A very interesting and intriguing thriller, thanks to the author’s storytelling gift and painstaking research on Hindu metaphysics. 

29 Mar 2020

'The Cliffhangers' review: A metaphor for the present state of affairs in the nation

The fable unfolds, a tourist is raped in Kadaloor, a tranquil fishing village on the southern coast of the country.

21 Mar 2020

Fern Road: A book on conflict and acceptance

In this debut novel, the author brings to the reader a tale of fortitude. You see Orko go through a very difficult time through high school. But his struggle is what yokes you to the book...

29 Feb 2020

'The Barabanki Narcos' review: Biting the Bullet

Buy one and get one free!’ How well we all know that one way or the other, we end up paying for both.

29 Feb 2020

Man and his destiny

In The Lethal Elixir, Iswardas brings to his readers a nosegay of six short stories that offer variety and great reading.

08 Feb 2020

'The Lethal Elixir' book review: Man and his destiny

With his debut collection of short stories, Ishwadas enters the world of fiction with incredible ease and grace—all his own.

08 Feb 2020

A dark twin truth

It is not every day that you come across a novel which grips your attention.

01 Feb 2020