Ganesh Saili

Through a lens, nostalgically

This tale of the Shutter Sutra began when the Greeks called anything with an arched cover Kamara. Light enters through a pinhole to produce an inverted image on the opposite wall.

13 Aug 2022

Ashwin Sanghi's 'The Magicians of Mazda' review: A historically enriching thriller

The latest book in the Bharat series is a roller-coaster ride through history, with important lessons for the present times.

16 Jul 2022

A deck of cards

Whilst the ladies handle the check-in, the menfolk have just three things on their minds—billiards, booze and cards. 

28 May 2022

A Bridge to Paradise

It was love at first sight. I could hardly wait to take her home.

30 Apr 2022

A Guide to Literary Treasure Hunt 

Menon takes us to meet up with what he feels is the finest contemporary writer in the English language, the Pakistani-born Nadeem Aslam. 

09 Apr 2022

On Writing with Light

Every other day, when I open the vernacular papers, they are full of news reports of youngsters, who losing their footing have slipped into the Ganga and drowned whilst taking a selfie.

09 Apr 2022

The Forgotten Mutiny

A brief but fierce incident that deserves a more prominent place in the annals of history.

26 Mar 2022

Up close at Nathu La

Oftener than not, the outsiders end up with the land (and political power) while the original owners are left holding the song or the story.

12 Mar 2022

Curtain falls on the mercedes massacre

Author Stephen King takes the readers to a dimension where the supernatural melts and mingles with crisp detective fiction

01 Oct 2016