Ganesh Saili

'Keeping in Touch' book review: The Aftertaste Lingers

Green fields, ponds, palm trees.

18 Sep 2021

'The Most Incredible Olympic Stories' book review: Tales from the tracks

Luciano, the author, has had a lot of experience in peeping through the keyhole to spy on the untold stories of the Football World Cup.

20 Aug 2021

A Tome, but Not a Waste

On his return from England, he shifted his focus to becoming the leader of the Muslim League and the sole representative of Indian Muslims.

31 Jul 2021

Padmini of Malwa book review: The queen speaks

This is no run-of-the-mill biography of an enigma. This is a well-told tale that chronicles the events.

24 Jul 2021

'And That is Why': Manipuri mythological tales from a forgotten corner

These Manipuri mythological tales were often passed down from one person to the other, oftener than not while seated near the warmth and comfort of home and hearth.

16 Jul 2021

Dalai Lama biography: The story of a simple monk

Sixty years down the road, comes this biography of the Dalai Lama. It is as authentic and intimate as one can possibly desire.

24 Apr 2021

'It's also about Mynah' book review: Caught in a maze

Mynah comes to the great metropolis and finds work in an ad agency and her father is unhappy with the move even as his daughter attains adulthood.

26 Mar 2021

'The Time of the Peacock' book review: Small and Swell

In the Delhi publishing world, where everyone knows everybody, down to the colour of one’s socks, the book takes one through the Indian literary scene.

19 Mar 2021

Curtain falls on the mercedes massacre

Author Stephen King takes the readers to a dimension where the supernatural melts and mingles with crisp detective fiction

01 Oct 2016