Ganesh Saili

Man and machine

It’s a love affair that begins 60 years ago, an urge to be astride two wheels to go riding on a long, winding, endless road.

09 Nov 2019

Nandita Bose's Ever Glow, a tale of love strikes many chords

Sometimes when the going gets hard, I look back with regret for not having a better ear for music or rue my inability to paint anything more than a squiggle.

19 Oct 2019

'Cow and Company' book review: The good chew

A brave and hilarious debut. Guaranteed to make you chuckle and smile.

05 Oct 2019

'Grey Sunshine' book review: It‘s time to light a candle

Grey Sunshine is the human story behind the national crisis surrounding us, and yet we don’t see until and unless you step into the shoes of hundreds of thousands of children from poor backgrounds.

21 Sep 2019

Book review | Shubha Mudgal's 'Looking for Miss Sargam': Perks of being a wallflower

As she makes her debut as a fiction writer, Mudgal is humorous and heartbreaking.

14 Sep 2019

'Between the Orange Groves' review: Paradise lost

Nadia Marks’ Between the Orange Groves is about a land of romantic old harbours, windswept lonesome beaches and splendid old ruins.

27 Jul 2019

The real heroes 

Tanushree Podder’s No Margin for Error is a fictional take on the heroism and bravery of the commandos of the elite Special Forces.

21 Jul 2019

Of healing and forgiveness

Atish—the Lord of the Slums—takes a journey through the world of migrant labour. A powerful combination of power and crime thrives on the hard work of the less fortunate.

13 Jul 2019

Pursuit: Drawn by Destiny review | What Stars Foretell

It is a story of two people flung together despite their differences with one believing in something beyond the ordinary—call it the power of faith.

22 Jun 2019

Behind the Rose-tinted Facade

If you were to consider the fact that almost 50,000 books get published in India each year, then the arrival of new publishing houses will only swell these awesome figures.

12 Jun 2019

Behind the Make-up

Drop Dead Gorgeous captures the glamour world of beauty pageants in the 1990s.

01 Jun 2019

Nestled in the peaks

The Pir Panjal ranges are wedged firmly between Jammu and Kashmir like a bookmark in an old well-thumbed book.

18 May 2019

Life Upside Down

Once Upon a Curfew takes you on a journey back to the early 1970s, where you meet Indu inheriting her grandmother’s four-room flat.

02 May 2019

'The Prison Diary of an Ordinary Man' review: Reality of the have-nots

Oftener than not I have been told that there are two sets of rules in this world: one for the rich and another for the poor.

13 Apr 2019

Chutnification of Culture

 Indeed, any one of these many aspects make Puducherry wholly distinctive.

29 Mar 2019

'Tamarind Ache' review: Sweet-and-sour take

Tamarind—sweet-and-sour—best sums up this debut novella by Srushti Dhoke.

23 Mar 2019

Fictional Exotica

Wafting in the breeze, the scent of sandalwood lingers in the air.

09 Mar 2019

From the familiar to the weird

Dark Blossom has been divided into a list of contents or chapters that read like a grocery list.

02 Mar 2019

From the winner to the vanquished

Right at the beginning, from the very first line, the author takes the reader 3,000 miles away from the plains of Gangetic India in the north to the coast of palm-fringed Kerala.

02 Feb 2019

Picking up the threads

Dateline: March 2015. An accomplished Tamil writer announces his ‘death’ on Facebook. He grimly pens a poem announcing his anger that could make him ‘sing a song of curses at all of you’.

27 Jan 2019

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