Gautam Chintamani

Of creative liberty and censorship

Some of the greatest Hindi films that depicted societal rage in some form or the other rarely showed the protagonist abusing

12 Mar 2021

'The Great Unravelling' book review: Split wide open

A former Congress spokesperson talks of the shortcomings of his party, and is also scathing in his critique of the government.

26 Feb 2021

The end of single screen star?

Master collected over Rs 200 crore worldwide within 20 days; this could well be amongst the last of the single-screen star extravaganzas.

20 Feb 2021

No balance between fact and fiction in India

Until a few years ago, the first month of the year was a not-so-exciting-a-period for new films. It was the end of the holiday season, and producers got rid of films with little or no prospects.

30 Jan 2021

Sharma’s 'The Making of Aadhaar' transcends technical details, answers different questions

Like how there is more to the world’s largest identity platform, Sharma’s narrative, too, is not limited to the basics.

16 Jan 2021

The need to be someone else

What you have is a whole lot of people trying to un-become what they are to become someone else. Confusing? Not really. 

09 Jan 2021

OTT platforms: A monster of our own making

OTT platforms are this generation’s multiplexes where you need to feed the monster continually.

18 Dec 2020

'A New Idea of India' book review: Beyond partisan politics

The book explores the rich past of India and brings the concept of a civilisational republic to the centre of the debate.

04 Dec 2020

'The Lost Heroine' book review: Cast away

While Malayalam cinema is widely celebrated, few knew about the trials of PK Rosy, who featured as the lead in the language’s first talkie, Vighathakumaran (1928).

28 Nov 2020

Getting on the real side of OTT platforms

Much of what we see on OTT platforms is in some way pushing the envelope on what could be termed acceptable.

27 Nov 2020

Popular culture's potent influencer

More than a celebration of Bombay cinema, the Yash Chopra-produced and Aditya Chopra-directed film is a commemoration of the way the internet and social media have shaped the way a film is viewed. 

30 Oct 2020

Why is there a heightened entertainment quotient in television news nowadays?

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that while home entertainment blossomed, it was the news that displayed the greatest change.

10 Oct 2020

The star that lost her shine:A book on 'Parveen Babi' and her life

Much of the mystique that surrounded Babi was a result of what she told the press.

03 Oct 2020

 Kangana Ranaut: The Star who transcends the silver screen

What separates Kangana from the rest is her ability to combine multiple narratives that have been used to great effect in the past.

19 Sep 2020

'Apropos of Nothing' review: Woody Allen's missing confession comes out

The autobiography reads like three different books that capture Allen in his childhood, his success and failures as a storyteller and his personal life, which the filmmaker never discussed up.

05 Sep 2020

When Aamir Khan's meeting with Turkish First Lady Emin Erdogan became talk of the town

The reaction to most celebrity actions also calls for the individual’s worldview.

30 Aug 2020

The new soft power

Amongst other things, 2020 would also be remembered as the beginning of the end of Soft Power as we knew it.

08 Aug 2020

Shake-up caused by COVID can also be seen as a blessing, Cinema now has to evolve and move on

When the pandemic put the breaks on his war thriller V2: Escape from Hell, Russian-Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov completed his shoot from 1,200 km away.

19 Jul 2020

The Death of an Outsider

It’s no secret how a large part of the popular Hindi or Bombay film industry considers itself to be an exclusive club.

25 Jun 2020

Are films in the need of a new villain? 

If life as we knew it has undergone a transformation in the wake of Covid-19, how much would the post-coronavirus pandemic reality impact the narrative of our popular films? 

30 May 2020

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