Gita Jnana | Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya

Of Bondage and Liberation

If I say I wish to be set free, then it is implied that I am held or tied down by something.

16 Oct 2021

What’s true freedom

Such a realised one remains alone as the Self.

18 Sep 2021

Do you seek joy forever?

All activities we undertake are to give us the experience of joy and to remove the feeling of sorrow. This is the premise on which we conduct our life, says Vedanta.

14 Aug 2021

Nothing taints the self

Whatever our independent study and realisation may be, the students of the Vedic times always depended on the scriptures to compare their notes with.

24 Jul 2021

Life after Self-realisation

What is left to do in life after realising the Self? Sri Adi Sankaracharya says in the Vivekachoodamani that the primary responsibility is to know the Self by one’s own experience.

01 Jul 2021

The Man of Steady Intellect

For the man of realisation, the rug over this world of illusion has been pulled off.

15 May 2021

Being free from birth and death

Vedanta is not just about philosophy. It has its practical applications in our daily life. We keep cleaning our surroundings at home and in the office.

03 Apr 2021

The Flow Chart to Liberation

In our race to compete with the world, we will by ourselves be unable to sit back and see the fallacy of what we are pursuing in the name of daily work.

12 Dec 2020

Untruth of permanence

On a flight, or travelling fast in a car, it seems to us like we are stationary because there are no relative differences in our perception to make us experience movement from one place to another.

31 Oct 2020

Root Cause of Problems

While there is actually no problem in the world, we do experience problems daily.

19 Sep 2020

Achieving purity of mind

One of the pre-requisites for realisation of the Self is purity of mind. Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Vivekachoodamani gives the means to achieve that.

13 Sep 2020

Freedom from Desires

Similes are a powerful way to express reality. Sri Adi Sankaracharya, in the Vivekachoodamani, uses a powerful one at that.

05 Sep 2020

Removing the superimpositions

Knowing about the truth does not amount to experiencing the truth. Knowing is not realising.

29 Aug 2020

The means to attain liberation

In the cave of the intellect where the discrimination between the reality and the ephemeral is very clear, the Brahman or reality shines as the truth supreme which is non-dual.

22 Aug 2020

Inner experience holds the key

With how many ever words one describes water, there is no way a person who has not seen or tasted water can understand it.

15 Aug 2020

The essence called Brahman

You are that. Tat Twam Asi. Tat is that consciousness, self, god or truth. Twam is you the individual personality. Asi means are.

01 Aug 2020

The great sentence is not ‘God is great’ but 'God is great and that God is You’

There are not one or two, but thousands of scriptural texts that reiterate the Maha Vakyas or the great sentences.

26 Jul 2020

The common consciousness 

If these conditionings of Maya, the pure Sattva Guna and Avidya, the Rajas and Tamas of the individual are removed, there is no Ishwara (the supreme lord) and the Jiva (the individual being).

18 Jul 2020

From Integrity to Truth

Yoga, says the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, is the state of mind where all its movements are stopped.

11 Jul 2020

Core of Consciousness

To show the importance of any statement, we make or quote from great masters and so does Sri Adi Sankaracharya quote from another great master Sri Krishna.

25 Jun 2020

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