Gita Jnana Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya

Being free from birth and death

Vedanta is not just about philosophy. It has its practical applications in our daily life. We keep cleaning our surroundings at home and in the office.

03 Apr 2021

The kingdom of independence

When the yogi stops identification with the illusory perceptions of the body, mind and the intellect completely, that withdrawal gives the experience of joy.

26 Feb 2021

Path of no return to confusion

Why should he ignore the objects of the world? The joy that springs from them is just an illusion and has no real standing.

23 Jan 2021

Consciousness is colourless like crystal

Who are you? Who am I? These are the core questions that we may remain with in life. Atma Bodha indicates the answer. 

30 Jun 2018