Gladwin Emmanuel

No food, no place to sleep: Old couple in CM Stalin's Kolathur constituency marooned in woes

With no income these days, the couple live on three idlis bought from Amma canteen each day.

20 Nov 2021

Six daughters and all of them doctors: A heart-warming story from Kerala's Kozhikode 

Interestingly, the spouses of Fathima, Hajra, Ayesha, and Faiza are also doctors. Kumhamed Kutty and his wife were also against dowry

26 Oct 2021

Arya Rajagopal: Meet the petrol bunk attendant's daughter now pursuing final year MTech at IIT

Arya Rajagopal is already more than a year into her two-year MTech course. The reason why her story has captured such attention is because she is the daughter of a petrol bunk attendant.

09 Oct 2021