Gokul M Nair

A masked affair in city of canals

French photographer Melanie Chagneau talks about her tryst with the camera, travel and her current exhibition.

10 Jun 2017

She helps you bring a Woodpecker home

Viji Swaminathan, founder and director, Woodpecker Furniture, believes that life’s challenging experiences make you stronger.

08 Jun 2017

From mythology to canvas

Angular figures from mythology, vibrant landscapes on canvasses that pop out at you in multiple colours — aesthetically, these attributes best describe artist Rajesh RV’s ongoing exhibition.

07 Jun 2017

Crowd clicks to save lives

Expensive medical care is made affordable by donors on crowdfunding websites.They have tie-ups with hospitals so that priority is given to those in dire need.

06 Jun 2017

Your tweets will never sound this good!

Anonymity can give a lot of freedom and this will be tested by Washington DC-based performance artiste, Brian Feldman at his signature project #txtshow which will be held in the city

03 Jun 2017

His life behind ‘bars’

Francisco Isaias, expat bartender at Sera-The Tapas Bar and Restaurant whips up a few 'spirits' for City Express and shares his favourite cocktail recipe

01 Jun 2017

Magic with coffee and flowers

Kaveri Zachariah and Nirupama Francis were part of a group exhibition that was held at Art Houz Gallery recently

31 May 2017

To live until the final fall

lPalliative care is not only for terminally-ill patients, but for anyone in need of severe pain management and also counselling.

29 May 2017

‘Poochi’ on the lens

For most of us, insects are creepy crawlies we want to swat away. But for S Venkataraaman, a sound-engineer-turned-photographer, they fuel his drive to take perfect shots with every click...or so he s

27 May 2017

Her dream is a clean city, free of red paan  stains

Thara Ganesan is a multi-talented poet, artist, sculptor and musician, who wears each of these hats with excellence apart from her professional calling as VP of development at IIT Madras.

25 May 2017


International artist Kobi Kalimian has an active imagination, which is evident from the figures he has ‘blown up’

25 May 2017

A stage for the lil’ ones

Developmental Theatre helps children learn several skill sets, work as a team and also empathise. There are many clubs and groups in the city that have separate courses to teach this genre

22 May 2017

Go the organic way

Issues faced by cattle rearers and farmers have long been ignored and the NGO Vivasaayanadu aims to bring a change by providing immediate and easily accessible solutions.

22 May 2017

‘Coming out’ and excluded

The LGBT Workplace Symposium held in Chennai stressed on the need for companies to be gender-sensitive and also inclusive.

20 May 2017

A leader is always in charge of his people: Palani Periasamy

Palani G Periasamy, founder and chairman of PGP Group and Le Royal Meridien, shares with CE the secret of leadership and more...

18 May 2017

Zing your home with Zwende

Innu Nevatia and her husband Sujay Suresh, founders of this online customisation platform are here
to ‘gamify’ your shopping experience.

17 May 2017

When bihu meets pongal

The Assam Association in the city was formed to safeguard the interest of their own people. Though not a registered body, it has over 2,000 members who are proactive in engaging with the community.

16 May 2017

The short and fast of it

Since 1937, the Stenographers’ Guild has been churning out candidates proficient in shorthand,  typewriting and other skills required for government jobs.

15 May 2017

Play bat and ball Ramji’s way

According to Ramji Srinivasan, the concept of fitness in India has evolved over the last 10 years.

09 May 2017

Let’s go clubbing to LOL

These comedians are senior citizens, whose only goal is to crack jokes that do not hurt anybody’s feelings.

06 May 2017

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