Traffic at Kaloor Junction in Kochi: Here a chaos... there a chaos...

Convenient transportation facilities, easy navigation and relaxed traffic may be a distant dream for developed cities in the country.

02 Aug 2018

Nipah virus: Lini another addition to list of Kerala nurses who died on duty

Nurse Lini, who died battling the Nipah virus, will forever remain in the hearts of Keralites for her sacrifice, timely decision and the strength to take action.

24 May 2018

Kerala Custodial death:​ Forensic expert says Sreejith’s medical report indicates torture

When Sreejith was admitted to the hospital he had complained about severe abdominal pain, difficulty to urinate and vomiting.

10 Apr 2018

Move to hold re-exams, a midsummer break’s nightmare, courtesy CBSE

While the exam-related stress is the overriding concern for the Class X students, the CBSE  decision will affect the Class XII  students the most. ​

29 Mar 2018

Contemporaries agree with fall in education standards; disagree on removing poems from syllabi

Poet Balachandran Chullikkad’s ‘request’ not to include his poems in the syllabi of schools and colleges have a sparked a controversy. 

20 Mar 2018