Gulnaar Mirza

Train of thought

As I boarded a train after almost a decade, to take that journey I had promised myself, I was determined to reconnect with that joy of decades ago.

07 Dec 2021

Why life has lost its mojo 

It’s raining, it’s pouring and our city is drowning. Bengaluru’s rain romance quotient, always at a high during the monsoons and autumns, doesn’t seem quite so appealing any more.

26 Oct 2021

Ducking danger

The tendency of citizens to play fast and loose with civic laws, and the BBMP’s propensity to look the other way has been playing havoc with Bengaluru city.

28 Sep 2021

WFH vs WFO: The debate continues...

Safely ensconced in their comfort zone for over a year now, they are loathe to return to life in a cubicle.

22 Jun 2021

Locked down, and locked in this Ramzan

There is no harm in missing the old normal, when the month of Ramzan brought these small joys – iftar parties, frenzied night shopping, clothes and trinkets.

04 May 2021

Summer in the city of Bengaluru, and the good ol’ days

This must surely be the summer of our discontent, and I am feeling rather sorry for our ceiling fans as they whirr wearily 24/7, doing overtime, as we continue to sweat it out.

06 Apr 2021