Gurbir Singh 

Why have all the green shoots evaporated?

Finance Minister has now said that as long as the pandemic is active, the situation is full of uncertainty

09 Aug 2020

Consumers merit a larger share of the oil spoils

The Saudis wanted to jack up the cuts to 3.6 million barrels a day through 2020, but Russia’s Vladimir Putin pulled out fearing such low production would cede ground to US producers.

15 Mar 2020

Saving Vodafone from extinction to benefit everyone

The collective claim by DoT on the companies is a mind-boggling Rs 1.47 lakh crore.

23 Feb 2020

Climate battle dominates but no consensus at Davos

Davos, Switzerland is the media networker’s delight.

26 Jan 2020

Cold welcome and more confusion for e-tailers

What Goyal was suggesting is Amazon was using loopholes in the law to beat competition with predatory pricing.

19 Jan 2020