A problem of plenty grinds the onion farmer

The FY2023 budget had a budget of Rs 1,500 crore for providing support when prices of commodities such as onion and potato or fruits fall below a sustainable level.

19 Mar 2023

‘High seas’ treaty & hidden economics of nature

‘The High Seas Treaty’ seeks to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 by regulating shipping lanes and creating sanctuaries to restrict overfishing and deep-sea mining.

12 Mar 2023

‘Phoren’ stampede 2.0 is costing US dear

India had the largest diaspora in the world with 18 million people of Indian origin outside their homeland, a 2020 UN report says.

26 Feb 2023

Moral dilemmas in a whisky country

This growth is all in the whisky segment. Wineis becoming popular among the urban elite but still accounts for just 3 million consumers and 24 million litres a year.

19 Feb 2023

A year on, sanctions against Russia sputter

In the latest expansion of sanctions, the price cap on Russian crude has been extended to refined products as well.

12 Feb 2023

Digital payments subsume cash economy

The ‘digital revolution’ has indeed been impacting our daily lives.

05 Feb 2023

Davos marks India’s pole position as investment hub

On the business front, China’s ballooning Covid crisis, and its inability to be a reliable supply chain partner, has given an advantage to India.

22 Jan 2023

India’s challenge as the world slips into recession

However, there is no escape from global recession especially for export-oriented businesses.

15 Jan 2023

India on top in population: the challenge, the opportunity

As everything else in India which is complex and not uniform, the demographic story too will not follow a linear path.

08 Jan 2023

Food aid and politics, an unsavoury cocktail

It is sad that 800 million people of a nation of 1.3 billion should need free 5 kg of ration a month or a direct transfer of Rs 6,000 over a year to survive.

01 Jan 2023

The return of the unions in Britain’s winter of discontent

A cascading effect can be seen as 100,000 civil servants have voted for strike action, and teachers, junior doctors and University staff are all in the queue to join the walk-outs.

25 Dec 2022

Poor nations may continue to opt for China's OBOR initiative

Forbes estimates over a trillion dollars has been pumped into projects in Africa and elsewhere over the last decade.

11 Dec 2022

Transforming Dharavi: Can Gautam Adani do it?

The Adanis will spend Rs 25,000 crore on rehab, which will include necessary civic amenities like water, power, roads and other infrastructure.

04 Dec 2022

Big tech layoffs may be a long-term carnage

The Ukraine War has created a spiraling energy crisis and a global economic slowdown that is hitting Big Tech hard.

27 Nov 2022

Fossil fuels phase-out hits fresh delays, poor nations’ resistance 

It was at the expense of the poor; and now the poor nations were being forced to pay again, as victims of climate breakdown that they did not cause.

13 Nov 2022