Gurbir Singh

The irony of debating climate change, fossil fuels in Dubai

The Emirate, as part of the United Arab Emirates, is almost entirely built on fossil fuel wealth.

03 Dec 2023

Is OpenAI crisis a pointer to alien intelligence taking over?

The increasing use of AI to manufacture deep fakes on social media has the Indian government scrambling to develop a regulatory framework to root out the problem.

26 Nov 2023

Gaza war: Neither-here-nor-there foreign policy has isolated India

As the Gaza war intensifies, one can see countries like South Africa and Brazil picking up the mantle of leading the South where India left off.

12 Nov 2023

Post-pandemic renaissance of shared office spaces 

Employee discontent took its toll, and so did exiting membership during the pandemic.

05 Nov 2023

Hard times coming if the Gaza war spills over

Higher oil prices in turn are likely to spike up inflation, which internationally has been under control, and were on the way down.

22 Oct 2023

Reminder from Gaza, it is a militarized world order

A recent survey by showed 32 countries across the globe at war with another, or in a state of armed conflict internally with civil wars, and ethnic conflict.

15 Oct 2023

Despite high premiums, insurers dodge claims

In addition, both companies had more than one lakh claims pending at the end of the period.

08 Oct 2023

Legal battle to stem climate change takes crucial turn

In another case, a Dutch court has ordered oil major Shell to comply with the Paris Agreement and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 45 per cent from 2019 levels by 2030.

01 Oct 2023

Are ‘strikes’ as a bargaining tool making a comeback? 

The eclipse of trade unionism and the withdrawal of industrial action has been a post-liberalisation phenomenon.

24 Sep 2023

Renaming frenzy dividing people, eroding brand value

The rationale of renaming say Aurangzeb Road was that the Mughal king was a brutal invader and the people today need not be reminded of him.

10 Sep 2023

Chinese checkers of realty, slowdown & technology

Millions who had invested in property-linked wealth funds, now face the prospect of losing all their investments.

03 Sep 2023

More BRICS in the wall bolsters a multi-polar world

Perhaps the largest beneficiary will be the heavily sanctioned Iran, which can now access BRICS markets. Many are already speaking of a BRICS + OPEC alliance.

27 Aug 2023

Where have all the ‘smart’ cities gone?

As many as 1,100 smart mobility projects worth Rs 22,785 crore have been completed, and 984 public spaces developed at a cost of Rs 5,861 crore.

20 Aug 2023

Forest Conservation Act amendments: More teeth to hack our green cover

The changes in the Forest Act are likely to adversely impact our green cover; and, in the long term, our battle to reverse climate change.

06 Aug 2023

Thums Up for ‘Twitter’ brand, as conjures up porn site

For most of the internet community, Musk dismantling Twitter is a thumbs-down. Most likened to a porn app.

30 Jul 2023

Isreal Conflict