Tiktok and finding the real digital imperialists

The Indian government has different concerns.

12 Jul 2020

COVID has exposed our underfunded healthcare system

Vinayak Jadhav, an 80-year old retired banker, living in Chembur, Mumbai, began feeling breathless and ill on May 12.

05 Jul 2020

Hinduja row highlights need for succession plans

Every one  knows business families feud amongst themselves more than others. Of course it is all about property.

28 Jun 2020

Hopefully it will soon be business as usual with China

The gear for use in the Kanpur region of the railway system had a contracted cost of Rs 471 crore.

21 Jun 2020

Maid in India, banned by housing societies

Despite government easing lockdown rules, residents' welfare associations refuse to allow maids enter housing societies to resume work.

14 Jun 2020

Builders, please take the bait and reduce prices

Builders are in trouble as buying a home, a car or going on a holiday are the usual discretionary spends; and these are vanishing as the days ahead look tougher.

07 Jun 2020

Locusts, sparrows and the global warming link

Normally a once-in-30-years phenomenon, this biblical-style plague from the sky has only added to the misery of the corona virus lockdown.

01 Jun 2020

As migrants flee, a labour crisis looms

Hundreds of similar small and medium enterprises all across the country are staring at an extreme shortage of skilled labour

24 May 2020

COVID-19: Dealing with new offices, new work culture

The chief operating officer (COO) of a large private bank has been quite stressed with this new work-from-home culture.

17 May 2020

A failing US economy will be Donald Trump's Waterloo

His anti-immigrant rhetoric combined with unemployment dropping to just 3.5 per cent, a historic 50-year low, gave Trump’s re-election campaign a big boost before the Christmas vacation.

03 May 2020

Save news networks to save democracy

It’s the same story from Sydney, New Delhi and Washington.

26 Apr 2020

Balancing act: Flattening coronavirus curve without pushing economy to the brink

There is growing impatience to return to ‘normalcy’; yet the galloping pandemic has kept people in India and elsewhere locked up at home, and the economy in deep freeze.

19 Apr 2020

After the crisis, can we build a brave new world?

In india, the toll that hunger and joblessness will claim will be far higher than what Covid-19 does; it is the foundations that are falling

12 Apr 2020

Gainers from the pandemic maelstrom

It’s not all poetry either, as the middle-class gent is discovering.

05 Apr 2020

The most vulnerable face exclusion from the safety net

Casual workers in foreign surroundings, when they face disruption, rush to make their way back home to seek the comfort and support of their families.

29 Mar 2020