Bollywood’s hits and flops, and the road ahead

Trade sites show that of the 30–32 big titles released in calendar 2022, only five or six have made it. That means 80% of the releases this year have failed to recover less than half their investments

18 Sep 2022

Pakistan flood havoc: Will the sinners pay?

Nearly 1,400 people, over 500 of them small children, are dead. More than 33 million people are economically hit or displaced, more than half a million have been rendered homeless. 

11 Sep 2022

Gone too soon, a fighter for good corporate governance 

One can’t miss comparing the irony and tragedy of the death of Cyrus Mistry on Sunday afternoon with that of Princess Diana.

05 Sep 2022

Learning from Dhirubhai, succession plans must be tight and early

Mukesh Ambani is not retiring and will continue to head the big holding companies like RIL and Jio Platforms; but he has marked out the road ahead for his children.

04 Sep 2022

Dying to lead from the corporate front

Two deaths have reignited the discussion of stress taking a toll in high places. Is the live-wire routine, threat of hostile takeovers and long working hours reducing life spans?

21 Aug 2022

‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ sparks housing poverty debate

‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign has also brought the focus back to the slowly receding programme of ‘Housing for All by 2022’ launched by the Prime Minister in 2015.

14 Aug 2022

Reticent spectrum bidders, ‘scam-talk’ mark 5G rollout

With the completion of the auctions for 5G spectrum, India is well on the way to the next level of the telecommunication revolution.

07 Aug 2022

The PMLA weapon: Perfecting the process as punishment

The pleas that absence of sufficient safeguards renders these provisions arbitrary and open to misuse were dismissed by the court.

31 Jul 2022

Europe’s fires flag colonial divide on climate change action

However, very little has been delivered. Perhaps, the raging fires in Europe will jolt the rich enclaves out of their fortress mentality.

24 Jul 2022

Action on foreign companies mars investment optics

Meanwhile, a clutch of Chinese cell phone operators in India have been facing raids by Indian investigative agencies.

17 Jul 2022

Volatile crude, impending recession roil global markets

High inflation driven by high energy prices and a drop in the US GDP by 1.4% is other worrying signs.

10 Jul 2022

More jets, airlines herald good times for flyers

The group has 3 airlines in its bag now – Air India, the premium Vistara, and Air Asia – with a collective passenger share of around 24%.

03 Jul 2022

Cross of joblessness is becoming heavier for the young

All over the country, especially in rural communities and in North India, a career with the army is the dream of countless young men.

26 Jun 2022

Remote working is the new ethos, can’t be rolled back now

As communities rush to attain normalcy in the post-pandemic phase, the WFH debate has heated up once again.

19 Jun 2022

Lack of investments fuels growing energy crisis

The world seems to have sleep-walked its way into an energy crisis not seen since the 1970s.

05 Jun 2022