H H Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Listen to the divine music

Once we awaken to the Music of the Lord, we will still have the same job, the same family, the same house, and the same body, but a whole inner life will open up for us

20 Aug 2021

Almighty Heeds Sincere Prayers

God knows when we are in pain and truly need help. But if we are merely half-hearted in prayer, God might not respond. When a seeker truly yearns for God, it is heard

16 Nov 2015

Espouse the Essence of Scriptures

It is not enough to read books, scriptures and know the theory. We need to live up to them in life. The true heart of spiritual teachings is in its practice

29 Oct 2015

An Act of Service is His Blessing

When we turn away someone, we turn away one of God’s children. How can we expect God to be pleased with us if we do not help one another?

28 Oct 2015

Doing Good or Evil is Our Choice

Some people use karma as an excuse to do wrong, but when it comes to making a choice on how to act in a certain situation, it usually falls under free will

27 Oct 2015

Leave the Fear of Death Behind

Each human being craves love and wants to give love too. The spiritual path beyond time and space provides us with that everlasting love and happiness

26 Oct 2015

Be Still, Trash your Pills and Bills

Medicines work only so much but the power of meditation can stabilise your health — mentally, physically and spiritually, by connecting you to the power of divine love

05 Oct 2015

The Almighty Provides for All of Us

When we see the world through a godly vision, we can realise that god loves everyone indiscriminately. Gos does not differentiate between saints and sinners

03 Oct 2015

Turn Inside to Find True Knowledge

We crave love and seek it in many places. But there is unconditional love that is awaits us with open arms. We only need to turn in the right direction to find it

26 Sep 2015

The Empowered Soul is Our True Nature

Some people live life without understanding their purpose or even try to discover their soul. The realisation strikes only when you walk the spiritual path

24 Sep 2015

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