Hapreet Bajwa

Canadians send 18 Sikhs to its Parliament while Lok Sabha has 13

The province of Ontario alone has sent 12 Indo-Canadians to parliament, while British Columbia (BC) elected four, Alberta three and Quebec one.

23 Oct 2019

Former Pakistan lawmaker from Imran Khan's party reaches India with family, seeks asylum

According to sources, the 43-year-old is not likely to return there as he said minorities were being persecuted in Pakistan by the government and non-state agencies alike.

10 Sep 2019

Congress unfurls job manifesto in Himachal Pradesh

Virbhadra Singh government created 75,000 jobs in five years. Now it’s promising 1.5 lakh in its next term. If Himachal’s voters will give it another chance.

01 Nov 2017