Harish Bijoor

The individual has become the new society

People receded into their shells during the pandemic. Gadgets are now company, to the point where it is decent to be private and indecent to be intrusive, even by gaze.

05 Jul 2022

Is it a win or loss for IPL media rights winners?

Although we compare the IPL media broadcast rates to the NFL, there is a point of caution and this comparison is by the rate achieved in this auction and not by sheer market size.

21 Jun 2022

Kids matter: Changing society, the Japanese way

If our country is to be great, we need to get our children to be great. And that happens in our schools, our homes, our streets and in the kind of representative lives we lead.

06 Jun 2022

Has inflation bitten into your monthly budget?

The prices are up, demand is likely to be down. If inflation does continue at these high levels, then recession might not be too far away

24 May 2022

Birthing a hundred unicorns

As India digs deeper into its corpus of 69,000-plus start-ups, it just might be time to decentralise the hunt and go wide and deep.

10 May 2022

It’s a finite life. Mustn’t better sense prevail?

Have we learnt a lesson from the pandemic? Have we made corrections? The answer is really out there for all of us to see

27 Apr 2022

When one city is pitted against another

Cities that aspire to house global businesses must not only sound global, but look global as well. There is no point in cutting our IT-nose to spite our IT-face

12 Apr 2022

Soft may not be palpable, but is surely beautiful

We live in a time surrounded by the hard, real and palpable. In the crevices of everything hard lies the soft. The hard rules over the soft. What you see wins over what you don’t.

29 Mar 2022

The election is over! Long live the election!

With the stakes being high and the desire to win even higher, political parties of every colour have made promises that require more money than the states really have.

15 Mar 2022

The entry of electronic escapism

The click-and-mortar business has now given way to the click-and-click model, where everything is virtual and very little is physical.

02 Mar 2022

Who killed advertising in traditional media?

Not many are talking about it as yet, but there is a bloodbath. Even as consumerism is growing at a frenetic pace, advertising, as we knew it, is not seeing the gains from this.

15 Feb 2022

There’s bound to be big action in distribution 

The sector is the second largest source of employment generation and livelihood in India. The entry and growth of JioMart, Walmart, etc., is ruffling feathers of every hue.

01 Feb 2022

Start-ups, the new star in our midst

If we look back at the economic brand image of India, it was built by a few such as TCS, Infosys or Wipro. But today, it depends on multiple start-ups.

18 Jan 2022

Humanity is moving towards machine life

Business today runs on borrowed wheels and legs. No one owns anything any more. Everything is outsourced, dividing the world into silos of specific competence.

04 Jan 2022

How rational are we in a guided world?

We live in a guided economy if not an influenced one. There are few decisions that are outside the ambit of this subliminal process that drives our society.

21 Dec 2021