Harish Bijoor

Extreme distress begets extreme socialism

The Karnataka governance model brings in a new belief in Robinhood economics. The rich must take care of the poor. Till the poor become rich

06 Jun 2023

Changing dynamics: When the city is the new village

Observe closely and feel the pulse of what is changing. There is a covert segmentation of the city taking place on the basis of affordability and money power.

23 May 2023

K’taka polls: Tale of tall leaders, optics and uncertainty

Time to do a quick analysis then as the campaigning is done and dusted.

09 May 2023

A movement against socially ostracised food

The old brands of yesterday cannot take things for granted anymore. Expect a generation of consumers who are that much more careful in what they put into themselves.

25 Apr 2023

Milk will spill: Amul vs Nandini in Namma Bengaluru

All brands must have the liberty to criss-cross terrains. It is possible that Nandini is not yet in Anand, but this does not mean that Amul must not enter Bengaluru.

11 Apr 2023

An old fear is back: Machines here to steal our jobs

The human is being empowered in a humongous manner, and at the same time is being robbed of jobs that used to take care of his or her livelihood.

28 Mar 2023

What makes an organisation ‘best-managed’

The best-managed companies of the future will need to have clear, goal-oriented behavior with equally clear targets to say how they are undoing the wrong every passing year.

14 Mar 2023

Budget 2023: Going green not a cost but an investment

As we focus on the core sectors of the economy and the well-being of our people, the foundation for every course of action or expenditure must be the green mandate.

31 Jan 2023

Development and the price that comes with it

Big cities like Bengaluru are losing their soul. The priorities we chase are about brick, mortar, money, growth and what falls under the crass umbrella of the “development” word.

17 Jan 2023

2023 has rolled in, now celebrate life for what it is

The fact remains that life is always lived in denial. Denial of the fact that the end reality is death. In that sense, the key question to ask is if we are truly living.

03 Jan 2023

With brand rejig Maharajah gets his mojo back

This merger is a David and Goliath one. Vistara is the David that offers the best standards of quality. It merges with Air India which lost its mojo for a while.

06 Dec 2022

India needs to address the big fat ‘C’ in the room

Corruption is the path of least resistance. In many ways, corruption is the way in which the less efficient in society move ahead at the cost of the more efficient.

18 Aug 2022