DRDO achieves milestone in in key quantum technology, maiden trials successful

Quantum Key Distribution technology enables two communicators to produce a random secret key known only to them, which can be used to encrypt and decrypt messages

09 Dec 2020

Routine immunisation hit by Covid in Odisha

Reasons for the disrupted campaign were many as parents were unable to leave home due to lockdown and reluctant to allow kids for vaccination by health workers in fear of the covid-19 transmission.

07 Dec 2020

Coronavirus in government focus, malaria cases soar in Odisha

Compared to 2019, State sees 13.39 % rise in cases till Oct this year 

04 Dec 2020

Indian armed forces script history, conduct four tests of BrahMos in 8 days

For the first time, the world's most potent and fastest operational missile was flight tested by the three services of the Indian armed forces - Army, Air Force and Navy.

02 Dec 2020

In a first, Odisha rolls out combo test kit for HIV and Syphilis

Odisha is the first state in the country to introduce the kit for dual rapid diagnostic tests.

01 Dec 2020

Indian armed forces script history with fourth test of BrahMos missile in eight days

The supersonic cruise missile was flight tested by the three services of the Indian armed forces -- Army, Air Force and Navy -- within a short span to check its effectiveness and readiness

01 Dec 2020

Odisha readies cold chain for Covid-19 vaccine

While there is no clarity on which vaccine would be available at what time, it is anticipated that there may be a combination of vaccines. 

28 Nov 2020

Odisha readies cold chain for Covid-19 vaccination

Odisha has a well developed cold chain network up to the immunisation points, but it has to go for capacity augmentation to meet the challenges in storing a combination of vaccines.

27 Nov 2020

Land-attack BrahMos missile achieves precision hit during test on Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The unique weapon system, best in its class in the world, has empowered all three wings of the Indian armed forces with impeccable land attack and anti-ship capability

25 Nov 2020

National child rights body audit says all isn't well with care homes in Odisha

Odisha is among worst performing five states where over 60 per cent shelter homes lack adequate measures to prevent abuse.  

18 Nov 2020

India successfully test-fires quick reaction surface-to-air missile with live warhead

Developed by DRDO, the missile was test-fired using a live warhead for the first time against the high performance unmanned aerial target Banshee that mimicked an enemy aircraft

17 Nov 2020

Quick reaction missile test a hit on Diwali eve

Fired in full operational configuration, the missile achieved a direct hit as it destroyed pilotless target aircraft Banshee mid air at medium range and altitude.

14 Nov 2020

Commissionerate police set for revamp in Odisha, special crime unit in the offing

It has also pressed the need for bifurcation of Bhubaneswar urban police district (UPD).

09 Nov 2020

Ivermectin prophylaxis leads to 73 per cent reduction in Covid infection: AIIMS-Bhubaneswar study

Ivermectin is one among several potential drugs explored for its therapeutic and preventive role in COVID-19 infection.

05 Nov 2020

One-third of total COVID-19 deaths in Odisha occurred in October

Covid fatalities rose by 36 pc as the State reported 65,491 new cases and 456 deaths during the 31-day period.

02 Nov 2020