ILS scientists conduct genome sequencing of TB

In the recent study, scientists sequenced 118 culture-positive MTB whole genomes, which include seven follow-up samples, collected from 111 patients in Odisha, Sikkim and Meghalaya.

14 Apr 2022

Odisha to get performance-based grants from Centre to improve road safety

Odisha has been selected for performance-based grants from the Centre to improve its road safety outcomes.

11 Apr 2022

Successful trials of Enhanced Pinaka Rocket System at Pokhran pave way for production

The enhanced Pinaka is the upgraded version of the rocket system, which has been designed with advanced technologies to destroy targets at long ranges

09 Apr 2022

SFDR boost for long range air to air missiles

The air breathing ramjet technology will propel long range air-to-air missiles to engage with targets at supersonic speed and high accuracy.

09 Apr 2022

Long range air-to-air missiles to get a boost as India successfully tests SFDR technology

The SFDR based propulsion enables the missile to intercept aerial threats at supersonic speeds at very long range

08 Apr 2022

Dams in Odisha to transform into tourist hotspots

The Water Resources department has formulated the new scheme Periphery Development of Reservoirs and Water Bodies with an outlay of Rs 50 crore for a period of three years.

07 Apr 2022

Odisha finances hit as Central share declines

Implication on states like Odisha will affect federal structure: Panchanan

04 Apr 2022

Odisha plans small scale units in jails, brand their products

The State has 87 prisons functioning in different locations.

03 Apr 2022

Odisha revenue surplus mainly due to decline in spending: Audit report

Capital expenditure of Rs 17,949 crore was 11.48 per cent lower than Rs 20,277 crore in 2019-20

02 Apr 2022

Odisha slips 8 places in NITI Aayog’s export index

The Export Preparedness Index assesses readiness of the states in terms of their export potential, policies and performance.

31 Mar 2022

Army's Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile completes development trials, ready for induction

Defence sources said the missile system has once again proved its effectiveness as two missiles, during the flight tests, achieved direct hits against high speed aerial targets

30 Mar 2022

India tastes twin success with MRSAM-Army system

The 4.5-metre long missile has a strike range of nearly 100 km

28 Mar 2022

44 years on, flood control measures on Subarnarekha river far from over

Four projects were being executed by Jharkhand government with costs shared by both Odisha and West Bengal. 

28 Mar 2022

India successfully test-fires army version of MRSAM missile system

The next-generation weapon system has been developed with cutting-edge technology to neutralise airborne threats like jets, subsonic and supersonic cruise missiles, anti-tank systems and rockets.

27 Mar 2022

NISER scientists discover hydrogen bonding with carbon in proteins

They found 1,051 such non-covalent interactions in 918 different molecular crystals in existing PDB, out of which 843 crystal structures have carbon-hydrogen bond interactions. 

26 Mar 2022