Himabindu Reddy

Let’s not forget the kids

While some of us are devastated after losing our dear ones, most of us are confused and uncertain about what’s going to happen next.

08 Jun 2021

Heritage on road to oblivion

It was the hara pathak a green wooden gate to a 22-room mini-devdi in which lives K Venkateshwarlu and nine of his family members.

26 May 2021

Holding the fort: Silent warriors in PPEs guarding us from a pandemic

They are not knights in shining armour, but silent warriors in PPEs guarding us from a pandemic.

12 May 2021

Have you heard about ‘Covid nails’?

The doctors strongly advice that people should not panic when they come across such posts in their social media feed.

08 May 2021

Paisa, bangla, gaadi  is not their thing

Life is not just about a fat pay cheque, security and status.

06 May 2021

Matched in heaven, mismatched by a pandemic

Today, the entire world is suffering from cabin fever. Distress and irritability arise when one is stuck with someone in a confined space for an extended period of time

06 May 2021

Weaving change one stitch at a time

Shilpa Reddy is a force to reckon with when it comes to sustainable living and leading a conscious lifestyle.

06 May 2021

Blending in the City of Pearls

He’s a crisp diplomat and she is a free spirit. He is an authority on climate change and sustainable development, while she is a skincare specialist and fashionista.

04 May 2021

Bland, but not dead

Ever since the pandemic broke out, all we’ve been hearing and reading about is immunity-boosting foods to help our bodies fight the virus.

29 Apr 2021

The show must go on...

Let’s not let this pandemic win over us.

28 Apr 2021

Tattoo addiction: Is it real? 

Call it an addiction, an urge or an obsession, artists in Hyderabad say it is real, but it’s not a vice. The reasons range from decorating the body to chronicling life’s events. Read on to know more

22 Apr 2021

Designed for a pandemic

All of a sudden, everything around us has to be or already is ‘Covid-compliant’ -- work stations, malls, pubs/bars, even washrooms.

15 Apr 2021

Put your best foot forward

Buying a pair of shoes for your jog? Don’t fall for the fancy, make sure you get your money’s worth. 

13 Apr 2021

Covid haunts Begum bazar again

The Hyd Kirana Merchant Assn urged grocery stores in Begum Bazar to shut their shops at 5 pm

10 Apr 2021

A summer with predators & prey

The summer is here and wildlife photographers in Hyderabad are all excited to venture into the wilderness to hangout with their jungle friends.

10 Apr 2021