Hindol Sengupta

Friend-shoring and India’s G20 presidency

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen highlighted the importance of India’s economic prowess when she promoted the idea of ‘friend-shoring’ during a recent visit to India.

24 Nov 2022

Three Cs in India-Australia ties

This is a take-off from the old three Cs of India-Australia cooperation which were said to be curry, cricket, and commerce.

22 Oct 2022

Kushok Bakula and the India-Central Asia question

As a nation-state rediscovering its cultural roots and building international bonds. India must remember to hold up and learn from the experience of Rinpoche.

28 Sep 2022

Indian economy’s $100 billion FDI target

More and more of what used to be called ‘the animal spirits’ of Indian enterprise are awakening.

03 Aug 2022

India’s role in digital democracy: UPI in France

This deal in France ... underlines India’s growing stature as a provider of global tech goods, and as a leader in the process of digital democracy.

01 Jul 2022

Why India is a leader among digital democracies

A country with size & complexity of India can showcase not only how tech can be used but also how to effectively curb its adverse impact & misuse. Therefore this is one area where it is natural leader

06 Jun 2022

Towards a new narrative for Ladakh

Why can’t Ladakh, with its almost universal literacy, dotted with monasteries & spiritual tradition going back thousands of years, have focused policy towards development as a home for inner wellness?

12 May 2022

400/500 formula, the start of India's growth story

The country recently clocked more than USD 500 billion in foreign direct investment in the last eight years and hit a record USD 400 billion in exports.

20 Apr 2022

Operation Ganga and the emergence of civis indicus sum

Civis romanus sum established that to be a Roman citizen meant something special. The same is happening now in India.

12 Mar 2022