Hindol Sengupta

The digital health ID as a democratic tool

The digital health ID allows people, should they choose to use it, a place to gather the record of their health history for use anytime, anywhere.

05 Oct 2021

FDI inflows into India: Mobility as a metaphor 

Once again India has crossed a foreign direct investment milestone. What investors are really putting in money for is a sense, an anticipation, of mobility in the Indian economy

01 Sep 2021

Mango leftovers in UP and economic growth

What can Uttar Pradesh do to simultaneously leverage its mango production ability and create a whole new sustainable industry that would create thousands of new jobs? 

07 Aug 2021

A train from Finland and the excitement about rail freight 

The historic new route between Europe and India is part of the overall push for rail freight to go to places it has not before

13 Jul 2021

India’s FDI story is under-reported 

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s FDI inflows have continued to break previous records. What does this mean for the economy?

03 Jun 2021