Hriday Ranjan

On Traffic and Holi

Last week, two stories caught my attention. The first one was about a groom who used Bengaluru’s traffic to run away from his wedding.

15 Mar 2023

The dichotomy of pani-puris

Something happened last week that altered the way I see the world. Admittedly, it might not change the fortunes of the world.

08 Mar 2023

Pity thy neighbour?: Pakistan economic crisis

Pakistan is going through its worst crisis in the last few decades. Their economy is crumbling, and their Forex reserves are said to last for only three more weeks.

01 Mar 2023

Life as a God in India

Like fan wars, we had god wars. Unlike a riot, this was kids belonging to the same religion defending their favourite gods among friends.

22 Feb 2023

To first-gen gamers

My first response was to smirk. I do that sometimes. I pursue five careers at the same time, and when at a party, I usually mention the one that is likely to elicit the least number of questions.

15 Feb 2023

Dealing with the ‘D’ word

Of course, it wasn’t the first time. Like a suspicious house-owner checking on tenants, I get these visits every few years.

08 Feb 2023

Why India loves Shah Rukh Khan

Pathaan has been declared a blockbuster, and social media is awash with posts dedicated to the man. I watched the film on the first day, and wasn’t particularly impressed.

01 Feb 2023

Looking for a house as a ‘bachelor’

Else, nobody will give you a house on rent”. With age, one gets used to looking at things from the other’s perspective.

25 Jan 2023

Narrating stories to new-age kids

My first-ever association with the organisation in question was when I volunteered to help out children who were displaced due to religious conflicts.

18 Jan 2023

Ending the Tyranny of new year resolutions

There are but two options in front of you. Firstly, you have the parties thrown by hotels and pubs.

04 Jan 2023

Football through the eyes of a cricket fan

A football World Cup is saner. The craze in India peaks once every four years. It’s interesting that the only two states where football reigns supreme are the Communist states – West Bengal and Kerala

07 Dec 2022

Rats that ate away the cannabis

But one must not question the government’s verdicts on these matters, so like a good citizen, I went with it. The more you think about it, it seems mildly plausible.

30 Nov 2022

Growing older with Goa

I first came to Goa in the year 2010. It was my first ever flight, on Kingfisher Airlines – back when Mr. Mallya was a darling of the media and masses.

23 Nov 2022

Coping with the loss in a cricket tournament

The BCCI has been running the IPL for nearly 15 years now, and calls the shots in world cricket.

16 Nov 2022

Indian companies Musk should buy

In the space of one week, Elon Musk went from one of the most respected billionaires, to someone who has all the business acumen of Anil Ambani.

09 Nov 2022