Hriday Ranjan

How to survive recommendation economy

Dear reader, if you were born after 1992, you must know that the consumption of content before your birth was starkly different from today.

23 hours ago

Getting a grip over mental health during pandemic

Dear reader, I’ve been writing this column for nearly three years now.

16 Sep 2020

From Rhea issues to real issues

The Talibanesque hounding of Rhea Chakraborty over the last few days has taken the term ‘trial by media’ and elevated it to a level of ‘stoning by media’.

09 Sep 2020

Dating apps in the time of a pandemic

I first heard of dating apps from a friend a few years ago.

02 Sep 2020

Return of the Indian Pandemic League 2020

If you have never believed in the phrase, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’, you need to look at the history of the Indian Premier League.

26 Aug 2020

The economics of going broke

One of the routines that the lockdown has brought about is a daily check on the number of cases in the country.

19 Aug 2020

Spare the ‘Boards’, save the child

Amidst the global pandemic, one bit of news did not get as much attention as it deserved.

12 Aug 2020

Raksha, Rakhi and Akka

But you’d never be able to guess my religious opinions if you saw me celebrate festivals. On Diwali, I launch enough rockets for Elon Musk to turn up at my door with a Memorandum of Envy.

05 Aug 2020

Alien lives matter

The Pentagon stirred up an intergalactic hornet’s nest this week when reports revealed that the US government was going to release some classified information related to UFOs.

29 Jul 2020

The era of masks

I sometimes ponder about how history will look back at this period in our lives.

22 Jul 2020

The return of test cricket

International cricket returned last week with West Indies beating England in the first Test match.

15 Jul 2020

East meet (Kanye) West: What happens if the singer becomes US president

As someone who has never really visited the United States of America, I imagine the nation to be one large reality show.

08 Jul 2020

Time for the real tik-tok

As opposed to the sparkly, spotless people on Instagram, TikTok users were more representative of everyday Indians.

01 Jul 2020

Ridding my house of Chinese products

As tensions with China escalated across the border, a few concerned citizens stepped up to the challenge of defeating China.

24 Jun 2020

Pick up the phone, but dial the right number

I have been writing this column for more than two years.

17 Jun 2020