Indumathy Sukanya

When Tridoshas Met Technology

Hailing from a long line of vedic practitioners, Dr Shilpa Datar had a natural inclination towards all things Indian but success has not come easily, says Indumathy Sukanya

08 Jun 2021

Get personal: workshop with theatre and art

Share stories and take a shot at self-discovery this weekend

30 Jul 2016

He sells a sugar rush at the signal

Avlesh Kumar (46) misses his family but focuses on his cotton candy business

14 Jul 2016

A cauldron full of Kombucha

Odissi dancer Ashwini Raghupathy brews and sells fermented tea that promises a host of health benefits

07 Jul 2016

Dim sums that don't give you a high

Some rainy evenings, you could do with a basket of steaming hot dim sums, a heady cocktail and some fun company.

18 Jun 2016

Sufistication, thy name is Abha

Abha Hanjura will perform Kashmiri folk music along with her band Sufistication

17 Jun 2016

She dons a fancy hat and sings sufi tunes

Abha Hanjura will perform Kashmiri folk music along with her band Sufistication.

16 Jun 2016

Kathakali padams to beats of jazz, blues

Shreekumar Vakkiyil’s music will deliver notes of devotion and love next weekend at Fakiri, a folk festival in Whitefield

09 Jun 2016

Old and Damp, But Standing Tall

The sylvan campus of University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering charms you at first sight. But students and staff complain of poor infrastructure.

28 Apr 2016

Sushi for a Rock 'N' Roll Lunch

Zen at The Leela Palace has on offer a delectable range of sushi till March 20.

12 Mar 2016

Go Ziplining in Ramanagaram

Camp in tents under a man-made moon at Shilhaandara’s eco-friendly set-up.

12 Mar 2016

Roughing It to a High Altitude

The view from atop Tadiyandamol in Coorg made the sprains, sunburn and long hours of trudging worth the experience, writes Indumathy Sukanya

05 Mar 2016

Newbie Sci-fi Writer Offers Coffee to Strangers for Inspiration

Akash K J Bhat seeks material for his book from real-life experiences.

02 Mar 2016

Funky Hairdos for a Good Cause

Sushanth, a Chennai-based content manager, takes time off work to travel and give people makeovers

09 Jan 2016

For Rich, Buttery Dosas

Gramina Thindi in Jayanagar specialises in Karnataka delights that are unbelievably light on the pocket and makes sure that the diners get to have the best in the range

12 Dec 2015

A Cafe for Lazy Morning With Great Food to Boot

Though a smallish place, Cafe Terra makes for a good hangout spot

21 Nov 2015

The House of Marathi Flavours

Purnabrahma satiates the craving for puranpolis and sabudana vadas at a reasonable price

01 Aug 2015

Why Carp and Rain Over the Rainbow Parade?

As social media celebrated a breakthrough in the gay rights movement in America, naysayers poured scorn over \'click-tivists\'

01 Jul 2015

Mental Health Website gets Calls from Across India

City-based Healtheminds, with 40 experts, offers counselling by video for people in distress

02 May 2015

Cricket Hero Shares Tips on Education, Batting

In town to promote Education New Zealand, the former skipper and current CSK coach Stephen Fleming speaks to CE about his love for Bengaluru

22 Apr 2015

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