Janani Sampath

Carving a Special Space in Society With their Talent

On World Autism Awareness Day, Janani Sampath meets people with the disorder, who have beaten all odds to script their own success stories

12 Aug 2021

The Power on His Shoulders to Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift

Born mute and deaf, Bhagavathy, has won numerous national and international awards in power lifting. With the help of his wife, he talks to City Express about his goals

19 Oct 2015

A Literary Tribute to S D Burman Narrates Many Untold Stories

Sun Mere Bandhu Re The Musical World of SD Burman gives us a glimpse into the life of the legendary musician, whose melodies continue to delight listeners

28 Sep 2015

When the Cow and Bull Converse on Stage

Akram Khan talks about Torobaka — a contemporary dance piece that’s a combination of Kathak and Flamenco, which he will be performing with Israel Galván, a flamenco artiste

24 Sep 2015

Art Forms With Incredible Historical Relevance

City Express speaks to ‘pattachitra’ artist Akshaya Kumar Barik, and ‘ajrakh’ expert Vasif on the feasibility of keeping traditional crafts alive

19 Sep 2015

Lost in a Time Loop With No Beginning or End

With no community support for caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s, families continue to struggle in isolation

17 Sep 2015

Sustenance Fuels their Artistic Hearth

The ongoing exhibition by Hast Karigar Society introduces Chennai to some exquisite forms of hand-crafted art, culled from across the country and also showcases the hands that shape them to perfection

17 Sep 2015

A Look into Life of a Dementia Caregiver

City Express profiles people whose lives change when they become caregivers to their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Here’s one such family in a series

15 Sep 2015

'Let go and follow your dreams'

Journalist-writer Shalini Umachandran’s debut work, You Can Make Your Dreams Work, follows the inspiring lives of 15 people, who changed careers to pursue what they love

05 Sep 2015

Rediscovering The Textile Hot Spots of Pondy Bazaar

A group of people, led by Textile enthusiast Sreemathy Mohan, on Saturday, went around Pondy Bazaar and took time to learn of the shops there and their history...

24 Aug 2015

'It's music That's Brought me This Far'

Says Nithyashree Venkataramanan, who is the first contestant from TN to make it to the Indian Idol Junior show.

15 Aug 2015

Leading the Art of Change

From glass, metal, bottles, automobile parts, coconut shell to bangles, marbles and palm leaf, anything is a potential material for Chennai-based artist Rahool Saksena, who will wow you with the end result

28 Jul 2015

Plywood Panels and Paper Paradigms

‘Shifting Paradigms: Learning from Life’ by Yuvan Bothysathuvar, translates the smaller truths of existence with a not-often used canvas.

15 Jul 2015

Exploring the 'Maya' of a Hidden Inner-World

France-based Maya Burman’s ‘Fantasy Frolic Fun’ delves into a sphere replete with dreaminess, which the artist says is a departure from her true nature

08 Jul 2015

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