Jawhar Sircar

Onam and the accommodative soul of India    

Standardisation is antithetical to the spirit of Onam and the festival reminds us of the efficaciousness of contrariety

02 Sep 2020

Doordarshan’s Tribute to the Lord

Doordarshan could have been chosen as it has proven multi-camera skills — it coordinates ‘simultaneous feed’ from 50 cameras on Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

02 Aug 2020

It’s a civilisational conflict, not a border issue

In these troubled times, when the soldiers of the two largest nations of the world fight and kill each other so viciously, let us try to trace the historical roots of such antagonism.

08 Jul 2020

Namaste, the most favoured greeting in Covid times

Indian culture and Southeast Asian cultures profoundly influenced by it are the only ones that even earlier stayed far away from physical touch and hugging

24 Jun 2020

Worshipping White in America and India  

On this single parameter, many Indians would surely fare worse than white Americans, as the former’s almost spontaneous animus against Africans is no less vicious.

10 Jun 2020

Powers that the Corona has conferred

The Disaster Management Act is rife with good intentions ... But if one looks at it from the angle in which it is used, the underlying theme is clear—total centralisation of power

14 May 2020